Wherein I Say “Eh”

So the Dakota pipeline protest. I really should have an opinion about this. Well…


That pretty accurately sums it up.

I’m not overly-impressed by the tactics being used against the protesters, but I’m also not overly-impressed by the protests themselves.

See, I’m a pragmatic person at my core. I’m also an idealist, but that idealism is bolstered by my pragmatic tendencies. I recognize that a pipeline is probably the best, safest, most affordable way to get oil from point A to point B. Pipelines are safe, and generally problem-free when run properly, and what’s the alternative? Moving billions of gallons of oil by truck? Trucks have accidents; accidents where oil spills.

So I’m not really against the idea of the pipeline itself, and I don’t really care about the location of it. But I’m also generally not pleased with the way that the protesters are being treated. The whole “militarization of the police” is a very, very bad thing, and this is a great example of that.

But really…I don’t much care. The pipeline will probably be built, and probably should, and I’d much, much rather the protesters save their energy for the fights to come against the Trump regime.


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