Wherein I am Annoyed by Sexism

Picture in your mind an auto mechanic. Think of someone who spends their days working around things that are sometimes sharp, things that are sometimes hot, and things that are covered in grease. Picture all of that, and then tell me how well this picture matches your image.


Debbie Does Dodge

This character is a woman named Cindy. She appears in Final Fantasy XV, and she’s supposed to be a mechanic. I suppose she probably is, but certainly no mechanic I’ve ever seen or picture would be dressed like that. So let’s call her what she actually is: masturbatory material for teenage male game players.

I’m perfectly ok with a certain amount of titillation and erotic content in video games, but come on. This is just fucking insane.

Earlier today, I was also playing Watch Dogs 2: The Pretension, and this character walks onto my screen.


Not so bad, except that initial view of her meeting the main character in person for the first time was a shot from about knee-height, from behind, and looking up. So, basically, an ass shot.

First, before I get too deep into this, kudos to Ubisoft for making the characters of Watch Dogs 2: l33t h4x0rz, diverse in both gender and race. So ten points to Hufflepuff for that, but minus several million for making the female character the only “sexy” one.

FFXV does the same thing. The main characters are four guys who have been friends for ages. That’s actually a bit of a step back for the series, as they’ve often had gender diversity among the main characters, but whatever. The bigger problem here is that while the only speaking female character I’ve seen so far is dressed like a porn star prior to wearing what most porn stars end up wearing (possibly a pearl necklace? Don’t image search that), while all the guys are just dressed normal. Oh, there’s one that’s got a vest with no shirt, but he’s got so many tattoos, they basically count as clothing.

This irritates me. I’m ok with titilation and eroticism, as said, but make it equal! If you’re going to have a woman dressed like Cindy, then give me an outfit for Noctis that’s about the same level. Or just give me a male version of Cindy.

Game makers would do well to remember that there are a large number of women who play video games, too, as well as a number of guys who are into other guys. It’d be just super-nice if they could give us options in RPGs and the like to pick our gender and the gender of our love interest. Bioware manged this way back in the day with Jade Empire, and has continued to make great strides in this direction.

I guess what I’m saying ultimately is that I’m fine with women being objectified as long as men are, too. Not perhaps the best lesson, but there you are.


One Response to “Wherein I am Annoyed by Sexism”

  1. Paul-NL Says:

    Agreed. It’s fine to make characters sexually appealing, but the way some of these devs focus on it is a bit annoying. Cindy is a bit of a mess when it comes to her character’s fashion design.

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