Why Not Sixteen?

How well-developed is the mind of the average sixteen-year-old? Developed enough that we allow them to drive a ton of steel down a road at 65 miles per hour. Developed enough that they’re expected (and have been for a couple of years at that point), to make major choices in their education that will impact the rest of their lives. Ones who misbehave at a high enough level even get tried as adults.

We treat them like adults in many, many ways. So…why not let them vote?


I mean, the ear gagues are terrible, but otherwise they can show good judgement.

I’d say that  the average sixteen-year-old has enough maturity and knowledge that voting is something they should be allowed to do, especially as, obviously, the average sixteen-year-old is going to have to live with various things politicians do longer than anyone who is older than they are.

Sure, not everyone at this age is responsible enough to be able to vote, but if there’s one thing that the recent election has proven it’s that age is no indicator of responsible voting ability.

Mind you, this won’t happen as long as Republicans have anything to say about it. They’d much rather no one under 65 vote, as young people tend to vote Democrat more than they do Republican.

But I still say it’s worth considering, worth pushing, and worth amending our Constitution for.


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