Have They, At Long Last, No Decency?

What does it take for good men to stand up when those they support do wrong?

I ask because the GOP-controlled legislature in North Carolina, working in collusion with their rather horrible outgoing governor, has just passed a sweeping set of laws that are designed entirely to keep Democrats out of the political process. It’s a bold, stark, power-grab, and an insult to the very notion of democracy.

Wither the Republican response? The Democrats, of course, are seething, but where are the prominent Republicans, sickened by the very notion of this kind of abuse of power? Why aren’t they standing up, defending what they claim are the virtues of our government?

The reason, of course, is obvious: the power is what they want, and few men or women are bold enough, brave enough, or wise enough to stand up and refuse power when it’s dropped onto the laps of them or those they support.

But I’d like to think that the Democratic establishment, at least, is different. The Republicans “stole” a Supreme Court nomination from Obama, hobbled his presidency at every turn, began said presidency by saying their goal was to deny him a second term, and then we get to something like this.

The Democrats did something like this back during Reconstruction, and occasionally grumble about pulling crap like this even now. But they don’t, and the Republicans actually are. It’s terrible, and our country deserves better.

The next few years are going to be awkward and terrible on many levels, and we really, really need for not only Democrats, but also Republicans who find this stuff distasteful, to stand up and fight. I don’t think many of us really want our nation to be ruled by Trump and his minions, and standing up against that requires standing up against this, too.


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