You Can Make a Difference

On Monday evening, House Republicans voted to gut an independent ethics committee established in 2009 to oversee and investigate ethics issues with a certain level of transparency. Can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem with that existing, but apparently the Republicans did.

Well, the visuals on this were just horrible. Even Trump decried it, though to be fair, that  was mostly because he thought they should focus on other things first. Anyway, people were urged to call their members of Congress, did so, and lo and behold, that was the end of the efforts to kill ethical oversight. Well, for now, anyhow.

So, yes, please remember that you can indeed make a difference. You can stand up and fight, and that will help protect the causes you believe in. Yes, you have to actually do something and not just bitch and moan on Facebook. This is what the GOP has done for the last 25 years or so. Now it’s our turn.


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