But He’s Not a Muslim, So…

…therefore he isn’t a terrorist.

Yes, the accused shooter in the Ft. Lauderdale airport shooting has been arrested, and though he’s a bit on he brown side, he’s not a Muslim, so this isn’t terrorism, right?

I mean, I hate that that’s the difference here, but I can’t think of any other. Had this man had an Arabic name, rather than a Hispanic one, we’d all be talking about ISIS and terrorism. Instead, he’s an American citizen, and a war veteran, so therefore this clearly isn’t terrorism, right?

If nothing else, this should prove that terrorism really is a subjective word, and really, a useless one. Does it really matter if the person who is shooting at you is doing so because he thinks Allah told him to or because the voices in the head say he should? Does it make any difference?

Actually, I’ll tell you one difference. Republicans will say that we shouldn’t overreact and impose more gun restrictions. Had he been a Muslim, they’d instead say we should have overreact and engage in more war, especially if the Republican in question was Trump.

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One Response to “But He’s Not a Muslim, So…”

  1. Kyko Micsu Says:

    It says dark hair. It does’nt specify skintone. It could be a fully European\Caucasian guy, that happened to have dark hair. Or that dyed his hair dark but it use to be light. He’d be a terrorist even if his religion was worshipping some anime girls from some franchise that normies don’t care about.

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