You Have the Power to Bring Change

Confirmation hearings are about to start up for the various Trump nominees. It’s sure to be a hell of a shitshow, especially with the likes of Jeff Sessions.


He’s from Alabama and named for Jefferson Davis. This should be fun.

For the last eight years, the Republicans and the Tea Party have done an excellent job of blocking everything from basic legislation all the way up to a Supreme Court nomination. Various staffers who worked for the Democrats in Congress took notes as this was happening, and have now released a guide on how we can use similar tactics.

These tactics work. They’re part of why the ethics committee situation was resolved the way it was. We need to learn and use them in our own fight against Trump and Trumpism.


2 Responses to “You Have the Power to Bring Change”

  1. Kyko Micsu Says:

    Well, if he’s named for Jefferson Davis it does’nt mean he will do politics same as him.

    I’ve been on Bulbagarden Forums where people said that if they named their children after Pokémon, they may end up growing up to hate Pokémon. It’s the same thing.

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