Farewell to a Great Man

In about 40 minutes, President Barack Obama is going to give his farewell address to the world. And I for one will miss the hell out of him.



Let’s take a moment to realize just how incredible this president has been.

First, he’s not fully white. He’s also not fully black. He’s a mix of both, very much like our country itself. He’s also proof that, yes, in fact someone who isn’t completely white can indeed be elected to the presidency.

Second, he accomplished quite a bit and quite a bit was done during his time in office. Same-sex marriage is legal across the country. He restored our standing in the eyes of the world, and opened relations with Cuba, in addition to negotiating a deal with Iran. Obamacare/the ACA remains the law of the land and, really, isn’t likely to go completely away. As Biden once pointed out, bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive. Those are both because of things our president did.

And lastly, he managed to have a full eight years in office with not. One. Scandal. None. That’s pretty impressive. No blowjobs from interns, no torture of prisoners, no trading arms for hostages, no bugging the offices of his opposition, nothing. This is quite impressive, especially in the post-Watergate era.

Obama has not been everything he could have been. He faced unprecedented opposition from the Republicans who from day one were determined to not allow him to govern. He thought he could compromise and meet them halfway. But this was the crowed who believed compromise to be weakness, and they weren’t going to give him anything.

As a result, Obamacare was watered down, Gitmo was never closed, and we remain deep in the Middle East quagmire.

It is to our country’s great shame that this amazing man is being replaced by Donald Trump. It really disappoints me and boggles my mind. But Obama still remains the best president I’ve ever lived under, and I strongly doubt that’s going to change any time before 2021.


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