Manning and Assange

Chelsea Manning did a very brave thing by removing classified data from military computers and turning that data over for exposure by the media. It showed America doing some pretty awful things. She then stuck around to face justice, and did, and is now in prison.

Manning should be pardoned. She did the crime, did some time, and now ought to be released. It’s just the right thing to do, and there are several rumors that Obama plans to do exactly that.

That is, if Julian Assange doesn’t queer the deal.

He’s said that he “will agree to US prison” if Manning is pardoned. Thus making the story entirely about him.

It’s worth noting that while Assange is wanted for crimes he allegedly committed in Sweden, he’s not currently under investigation by US authorities, and is probably immune from any prosecution in relation to publishing leaked materials. If the New York Times is immune, why shouldn’t Wikileaks be?

Manning needs clemency at this point. Assange needs to just go away.

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