The Apology Post

You can apologize. You know you want to. Just do it. Apologize.


That’s a good start.

What are you going to apologize for? I’ll tell you.

All of you who voted for Trump. Apologize.

All of you who lean left, but bought into the lies told about Hillary. Apologize.

All of you who thought Hillary wasn’t sufficiently liberal, so you voted for Stein. Apologize.

All of you apathetic losers who didn’t bother to vote. Apologize.

All of you who didn’t do everything you could to prevent Trump from coming to power, apologize.

Because you voted poorly, Donald Trump is the president. If you are at all unhappy at everything hes done, and you voted for anyone other than Hillary, or didn’t vote at all when you were able to, then you owe everyone an apology.

And until you offer that apology, your complaints have no meaning. Until you show that you learned you did wrong, all your posts on Facebook about the women’s march, and the restrictions on federal agencies talking about climate change, and all your comments about Nazis, and how Hitler rose to power, all of that has no meaning. None at all. Not until you accept responsibility for failing to do your part.

You can start in the comments. Then continue in person. Spend the next several years expressing your regret and admitting what you did wrong, and then maybe you’ll learn your lesson and remember this when next it comes time to vote.

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