When is 37 Like 45?

When 37 is Nixon and 45 is Trump.


Also, both men were/are dicks.

Nixon was, in many ways, an amazing president. He opened up trade relations with China, started up the EPA, and…well, ok, that’s about for what I can really think of.

Mostly he was just a terrible president and a terrible human being. First off, he deliberately extended the Vietnam war to make himself look better. Treason if there ever was. Second, the whole Watergate thing, with everything that tied into that. Also things like massive levels of abuse of power, including targeting those on his rather infamous “enemies list”.

And notably, especially for our discussion today, he lied. He lied constantly. He lied about stupid shit. He lied like other men breathe. He lied while breathing. He was just an absolutely terrible man with almost no redeeming features who should have never been allowed near the levers of power.

And yet…I’d much rather have him office than Trump. Nixon would lie like a cheap rug, yet I get the impression that, at least in part, he did have our country’s best interests at heart. He was in it for the ego, sure, as are almost all politicians, but at the end of the day, he clearly had at least some desire to better our country. He at least had a basic understanding of domestic policy, and a decent understanding of foreign policy.

Compare this with Trump. Trump lied about the size of his inauguration crowd, and about the ratings for said event, he lied about the media covering up terrorist attacks, he lied about the Muslim ban, saying he never wanted such a thing, he lied about millions of illegal votes being cast against Hillary. He lies, lies, lies, pretty much every time he opens that ugly orange face of his, and you know what’s even worse? I’ll tell you.

Nixon made up for his lies, to a point, with competency. Trump hasn’t. Also, Jesus fuck me Christ, we’re less than a month into this administration, and look at what an unmitigated shit-show it’s already become! Trump and team are a global embarrassment, and and all the pointless, stupid, ego-stroking lies are a part of this.

Really, he’s just a horrible person, and the sooner our current long, national nightmare is over, the better.


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