TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S01E07

Yes, we’re back to the insane, stupidly-long titles again. Also, we’re back to me asking some very basic questions that drag down an otherwise ok episode. Lastly, we’re back to Mudd! Let’s get going!

Oddly, “time-looping homicidal maniac and would-be traitor” isn’t listed on here.

This was an interesting episode. A bit more stand-alone than previous versions. There was a lot of potential here, and some interesting bits with various relationships and the like, so that was nice, at least. Too bad they trotted out the reset button pretty early on, so we have yet to see if any of that character development will actually matter.

Anyhow, on with the questions!

  • As the caption indicates, Mudd is now a time-looping, homicidal maniac, and would-be traitor to the Federation. So why wasn’t he actually, you know, taken into custody? Why was he just handed over to his wife and her father? And why was he dressed like this?

    I’m not trying to be clever here. I genuinely don’t understand the treatment of Mudd. There was absolutely zero reason to not hand him over to Federation security, especially since he now has all that information about the spore drive! What’s to stop him from finding the nearest neutral world, going to the Klingon embassy, and cutting them a deal?
  • Apparently in the future, all the kids will be getting down to music that’s well over two hundred years old.

    To give some context, this is like going to a raging party in 2017 and hearing this music:

    Fuck yeah! I can twerk to that shit!

  • There is no sci-fi concept that has more baffling popularity than that of the space whale. How would such a creature survive? How would it move? Reproduce? What would it eat? Would it need water? How would it deal with the extreme variations in temperature? Come to that, wouldn’t beaming it into an environment with any gravity be a problem for it? Not to mention the atmospheric pressure.
  • Why is Mudd now such a psychopath? Oh, wait, because it fits into the grimdark aspect of this show. Yes, the bleak nihilism needs to infect him as well, I suppose.
  • So now Stamnets is apparently turning into another Guinan? Whatever.

Yeah, overall, not too impressed. But it could have been worse.

As for The Orville? Well, they took a stupid premise and made it into a manageable episode. It wasn’t great, but it was fine. There were a few cute moments, and overall, yeah, it was fine. Vaguely reminded me of this week’s Red Dwarf where the boys ended up on a ship where criticism was illegal. God, I’d have been dead within the first minute…


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