TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S01E08

You know, I just realized that this blog has become a bit limited in scope of late. Perhaps I should resume blogging about politics and the like.

Naw, fuck that. Let’s just keep picking on Discovery. It’s way less depressing.


And Lt Tyler is pretty easy on the eyes.


Not a terrible outing this time. We finally got a bit of the “strange new world” stuff that I’ve been aching for. Too bad the world in question was Pandora.

Question time! Well, questions and random thoughts. I’m branching out.

  • Ok, so what happened with the Admiral there? I assumed that her and L’Rell were staging that fight, but now maybe not? Maybe she’s actually dead? Or more likely she’s just playing dead as part of some weird gambit to give her access to [insert section name here] which will allow her to [insert negative consequence for the Klingon vessel here.
  • What’s up with Staments? He’s wavering back and forth between aggressive and not, and seemed to think Tilly was a captain. Ugh. He’s seeing possible futures, isn’t he? And he’s probably vacillating between the real Staments and the mirror universe version.
  • Did no one at any point during this production say, “Hey, maybe we should tone down the references to Avatar here. You know, like maybe not make blue the dominant color?”
  • Hey, some of our bridge crew got names! Now I don’t have to call them Mohawk Lady and Gamora, or rather, since the names were said and gone fairly quickly, I still do, since I’m not going to look them up anywhere.
  • So the transporters prevented our heroes from being transported to the spot where the antenna was located, thus making it so that they have to hike 30km. Fine. Dandy. But, what, Discovery’s shuttlecraft are all being serviced right now? Our heroes couldn’t just get into one and fly to the destination? This is the kind of Moffat-level plothole I really dislike.
  • Less psychopathy from Lorca. That’s a plus. I still don’t get where they’re going with his character, but honestly, I don’t care all that much.
  • I did rather like the interaction between Tyler and Burnham. The two actors have very good chemistry.
  • That’s right. I called out Moffat. Ok, so, the Doctor can’t go back to New York City at that particular time because it’s time locked or whatever. Why couldn’t he just go to Boston and take a train? Or Jersey, and take a ferry? Never made any sense to me.
  • If the whole thing with L’Rell and the Admiral turns out to be a big Batman gambit, I’m going to be very displeased, especially if Tyler gets brought into it.

Meantime, over on Fox, The Orville, aka, TNG with dick jokes, continues to be better Trek, and has been renewed. This last episode wasn’t great, but it was fine, and did a good job of building some character for the ship’s doctor and Isaac. I liked that.


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