TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S01E09

Well, here we are, at the fall finale. The last episode until January. How was it?

Well, I no longer want her to eat that phaser, so that’s progress.

This was a decent enough episode. Serviceable. A solid C. But as usual, I’m left with way too many questions!

We’re left in what’s clearly some alternate universe; likely the classic mirror universe. Yippie skip. It was interesting when TOS did it, and the first time DSN went there, it was cool. But, man, did it get old fast. Enterprise about made it work, though. Maybe this show can, too, but I doubt it.

On the other hand, it was nice seeing our two gay characters kiss, I suppose. There was some emotional payoff there. Too bad Stanmets manages to be both bitchy and catty at the same time, which shouldn’t be possible.

Also, I’m glad that we had a resolution to the whole “Ship of the Dead” nonsense.

So, that’s all that. Now onto the questions.

  • Is Tyler really a Klingon? All signs point to yes. Notice that everything that he said while talking with Burnham could have been taken as someone talking about sexual abuse and torture, or just someone talking about a radical change in species. I continue to suspect the latter.
  • I must ask again, why didn’t Starfleet blow up the Ship of the Dead earlier? You know, like when they sent an entire salvage team to go get the telescope from Shenzou. This didn’t make any sense to me when we first learned about it, and it makes even less sense now. The technological value of the ship and its cloak would have been impressive if they could have captured it, but even destroying it would have been good, and would have demoralized the Klingons.
  • So the admiral is pulling a Pike now. Well, we’re told she’ll make a full recovery, so ok. She’s in a medical shuttle on her way back to somewhere for treatment, which of course begs the question: why didn’t they take her along to Starbase 46? Even at regular warp 5, we learn it would only be a three hour trip. A shuttle is way slower. To be fair, this is a problem throughout Star Trek, but it annoys me even so.
  • The “not-Gamora” chick. Turns out, from what I read, that she’s human, and has special cybernetic doo-dads. So why do we never, ever, see those again in any version of Trek ever? Yet another problem with the prequel concept.

    Oh, yeah. Totes human. Or an especially bitchy-looking robot.

  • I’m very unclear as to how using the spore drive 133 times enables them to track the Klingon ship, but ok. Whatever. I’m even more unclear as to why everyone treats these cloaking devices like they’re a surprise no one has ever heard of before. Did the entire Federation forget about the Romulan war? No, but I suspect the writers did. Or, more likely, just didn’t care.
  • Could they have possibly telegraphed harder exactly what was going to happen with that “one last jump” nonsense? I said, out loud, in a room by myself, “Well, he’s dead.” To be fair, he is not dead yet, but he’s likely to be, and we all certainly knew that the last jump was going to be a problem.
  • Even if Stanmets doesn’t want to do this anymore, why couldn’t literally any other human on the ship? Or any human in Starfleet? I’m sure they’d have no shortage of volunteers.

Thus endeth the questions. I’ll be posting a summary of my views on the first nine episodes as whole later.

Meantime, over on The Orville, we had many a sexy hijink. I must say, I wasn’t terribly in love with this episode. I get what they were going for, and Rob Lowe really hit it out of the park, but especially in our current climate, it just hit me a little wrong. It would have been nice, for example, to have some TNG-style discussion of the ethics involved, or for blob guy to recognize that the doctor was acting out of character and refuse to go through with it. But, well, there you are. I think this is the first Orville episode that I’ll be willing to skip upon re-watching.


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