Farewell, Twelve

In a bit of, “well, bugger” news, it was revealed today that Peter Capaldi will be leaving the role of the Doctor on Doctor Who.


This saddens me. While some of the stories have been absolute garbage (including one of the worst stories ever in the series’ history), I did always like Capaldi as the Doctor, especially during season nine, where he sort of settled down into the “ageing rock star” kind of character rather than the grumpy old man.

I had really hoped he’d stick around for the new showrunner, Chris Chibnal, to take a stab at the character. It would have been interesting to see what could have been done. But the ratings have been down, and I’m sure Chibnal wanted to bring in new blood, so there you go.

On the plus side, this frees up the character, and the actor, to come be a part of Big Finish. Hopefully that’ll happen sooner rather than later, but as long as it happens at all, I’ll be damn happy.

Meantime, let the speculation begin as to who will be the next Doctor. I’ll tell you this: it probably won’t be a white male, and my personal preferences would be either Idris Elba, Alexander Siddig or Helen Mirren, if she’s still interested.


An Era is Ending

146 years ago, the Ringling Brothers Circus was founded. As Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey, it still tours the nation, entertaining, as they like to put it, children of all ages.

But that’s coming to an end. The circus is, sadly, going out of business. Despite desperate efforts to remain relevant and entertaining to modern crowds, the reality of the business environment is that a circus just can’t really pull big crowds like it used to. Taking away the elephants last year seems to have been the final nail in the coffin, as ticket sales plummeted.

I was fortunate enough to see the circus last year with my friend. We had a good time. The people involved did some incredible work, and it’s sad to think that that’s coming to an end. But all things do. And that’s that.

I leave you with this.

Wait, What? Why?

So tomorrow CBS is showing two episodes of The Dick van Dyke show in color. This is a show that was not filmed in color and then restored; it was filmed in black and white and is now being modified.

I mean…why? I’m confused on a few levels. Why colorize it? Is there really a hope that somehow a younger audience is going to start clamoring for access to the CBS catalog of this series just because two episodes are colorized? It’s so random that I can’t even muster the strength to be horrified about the colorization.

Also…why are they airing it in prime time on Sunday night? Are their ratings that poor for their other TV series?

Lastly, why this show specifically? If you’re going to start re-airing old TV shows, why not go with something that’s still at least slightly in the public consciousness, like M*A*S*H or All in the Family? I can’t recall anyone longing for this show. Hell, I’ve never watched it.

So this is just…weird.

Oh, Yeah, Another Spider-Man Movie

Mind you, I could do with a lot more of Tom Holland shirtless. In fact, why not find an excuse to just have him naked the entire movie? Please, Sony?

So This is Going to Suck

I mean, right? There’s no way it’s not likely to not suck, and you folks already know my opinions on the second and third movies.

It’s such a shame. Michael Bay does exhibit some directorial skills, he just chooses to use his talents in terrible, terrible ways.

Discovering a Crew

CBS has announced three of the cast members for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery.

From what I know of these actors, which isn’t a huge amount, it seems like a good cast. The casting of Yeoh is a slight eye-roll, since it’s clearly designed to appeal to the burgeoning Chinese market. But there are worse things. Jones is a fine enough actor, and just a glimpse at Reed’s career makes it fairly clear that we’re going to have a gay mushroom fan on the show.

Beyond that I have no real thoughts on this. CBS is making terrible programming choices with this series, and if it gets past season 2 on their streaming-only service, I’ll be shocked. I don’t know anyone who plans to actually get a subscription to watch it as it “airs”. Everyone I know either plans to download it, or wait until it’s all out, get the service for a month, and then drop it. So…yeah. We’ll see, but I remain heavily skeptical.

Great Big Finish News!

Two rather nifty announcements from my favourite British company! First off, UNIT Assembled. It’s going to feature Kate Stewart and Osgood, as is expected, but will also have Jo Grant, Mike Yates, and Sgt. Benton. Plus Sea Devils! Excellent.


I’m not that into the new UNIT crowed, but I certainly like the concept of this story. I hope it’s good!

The other bit of news features volume two of the “Classic Doctors, New Monsters” concept. The first story they announced was the Fifth Doctor against the Racnoss; an alien species that interests me so little I keep forgetting they’re the ones in it.

But today’s announcement is that we’re also getting the Fourth Doctor up against the Vashta Nerada, previously seen in the first River Song episodes, “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead”. I wasn’t crazy about them, either, as they seem wildly over-powered. But we’ll see what Big Finish does.

Either way, pretty neat stuff!