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Heading Off Trouble

Trump said and did a lot of unpleasant things during the third debate, including his usual stack of lies, and saying about Hillary, “Such a nasty woman”. I can promise you that, plus the “Excuse me; my turn,” cost him votes among women.

But frankly, the greatest concern of myself, as well as many other people out there, is that he’s still refusing to recognize the legitimacy of our electoral process, and has basically said that if he loses, it’s only because it’s rigged against him.

This kind of talk is extremely dangerous. Our democratic process remains intact only because people have stepped aside and admitted they’ve lost. That gives us continuity and gives our government, and our elected officials, legitimacy. It’s a required part of democracy.

Trump threatens all that. In Trump’s worldview, anything other than a win is a rigged election (he said as much today). That’s something that is unprecedented in American politics (but then again, so is pretty much everything about his rise to power), and it’s something that needs to be squashed immediately.

How does one squash it, though? Well, for starters, the Republicans need to loudly and often be on the air saying that elections are fair and proper and not rigged. Some have done a little bit of this, but all of them need to do a lot more. Trump’s base won’t listen, but it will help to tamp down fears among more mainstream Republicans whose support for Trump is perhaps a bit softer.

Then, assuming Hillary wins, the Republicans need to loudly and visibly cooperate with her on as many issues as possible. Stop being obstructionist, stop avoiding governance, and really stop with stunts like threatening to block any SCOTS nominations she puts forward. Stop it with all that crap. Make it clear that she’s our legitimate, elected leader, and that we all need to work to make her time in office a success, because, frankly, that’s the patriotic thing to do.

Now do I think the Republicans will actually do any of this? Of course not. They’ll continue talking about the integrity of our elections not in terms of how Trump has nothing to fear, but in terms of stoking those fears by passing more voter exclusion laws. They won’t come out and openly say that they think our electoral process is rigged, but everything they do will indicate they believe it to be.

Make no mistake: Trump talking about our electoral process as being rigged could damage our country for the next twenty-plus years. It’s up to the Republicans to keep that from happening.

A Guide to Clickbait

You know what’s terrible? Clickbait. We pretty much all hate it once we recognize it, and sites that are built on it, upworthy, for example, are possibly the worst things on the internet.


This is better than what else you might find by Googling “storm front”

I know these clickbait headlines are sometimes very hard to ignore. So I’ve assembled a helpful little decoder for you. You can refer to this any time you’re tempted to click on a clickbait headline, and, lo and behold, you’ll see what the article says without actually having to read it. Let’s begin.

“Why Hollywood Won’t Cast X Anymore”

The real answer for why Hollywood won’t cast any particular actor is because that actor isn’t making them enough money. If they were, then Brendan Frasier, Ashley Greene, Tobey McGuire, and all the other names I’ve seen on that headline would be getting cast in major movies.

“You Won’t Believe What X Looks Like Now That She’s Lost Y Pounds! My Jaw Is On the Floor!”

What does “she” look like? And why is it always a woman?

Well, first off, let’s take the mother from Here Comes Honey Boo-boo. She apparently lost quite a bit of weight, and still looks pretty big, but not nearly so much. Certainly not enough that someone’s jaw would be on the floor. I suspect this is similar with pretty much all people for X. Also, you can just Google Image search them to find out what they look like now.


No, that’s not what happened at all. A stinging rebuke, maybe. Maybe. But realistically, no, not even that.

“X Just Broke the Internet!”

No. X did not “break the internet”. What exactly does that phrase mean, anyhow? A lot of people probably looked at X, which I can just about guarantee is a nude, or nearly nude, photo of some celebrity, but that’s about it. Just do a Google image search if you really want to see famous naughty parts.

“You’ve Been Doing X Wrong All This Time!”

No, you haven’t. You’ve been hanging toilet paper, cracking an egg, and unpeeling a banana correctly as long as it gets you the results you need.

“What Happens Next Will Surprise You!”

No, it won’t. This is usually found at the end of twenty word headlines like the crap ones Upworthy spews out. Don’t bother to click; there’s nothing good here.

“Person X Made Y Dollars From Their Bedroom!”

You can, too, through the good graces of Chaturbate. Otherwise, if you click on this headline, you’ll probably end up somewhere where X person wants Y dollars from you to share their secret.

“X-type of Companies HATE This 1 Weird Trick” (bonus points if said trick is discovered by a mom)

I can just about promise you that the companies in question either don’t know about this “trick” or don’t care about it, because it’s meaningless, pointless, and doesn’t hit their bottom line even slightly. Likely the same will apply to you if you use it, unless, of course, you pay for access to said  “trick”.

“Which Character from X Franchise Are You?”

None of them. You’re the person who loves that franchise, and can probably project your thoughts and desires onto pretty much any character you want to.

“These Pictures of X Can’t Be Unseen!”

Best not to look at them, then.

“X Things You Never Knew About Y”

Probably you did, though. Maybe you’ll come across one or two things, but likely you already knew them all already.

Ultimately, clickbait is a horrible plague on the Internet, and you never do yourself, or anyone else, any favors by clicking on it.

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Perception is Weird

An example? Look at this picture and say, out loud, the name of that store.


And then watch this video.

Quite fascinating!

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Here, Look at This

Just got back from work/bowling. Now I’m tired. So here’s this great thing! Can’t wait to see the movie.

Who Owns Antarctica?

It’s a valid question, and a great way to answer it is with this lovely video that I get to post now, when I’m feeling too lazy to write a real article!

Because I Need a Laugh

Last night was exhausting, and the Hillary Hate articles were a heck of a thing to have to write, though it is nice to see some liberals I know are coming around. Anyhow, here’s this funny thing to laugh at.