When is 37 Like 45?

When 37 is Nixon and 45 is Trump.


Also, both men were/are dicks.

Nixon was, in many ways, an amazing president. He opened up trade relations with China, started up the EPA, and…well, ok, that’s about for what I can really think of.

Mostly he was just a terrible president and a terrible human being. First off, he deliberately extended the Vietnam war to make himself look better. Treason if there ever was. Second, the whole Watergate thing, with everything that tied into that. Also things like massive levels of abuse of power, including targeting those on his rather infamous “enemies list”.

And notably, especially for our discussion today, he lied. He lied constantly. He lied about stupid shit. He lied like other men breathe. He lied while breathing. He was just an absolutely terrible man with almost no redeeming features who should have never been allowed near the levers of power.

And yet…I’d much rather have him office than Trump. Nixon would lie like a cheap rug, yet I get the impression that, at least in part, he did have our country’s best interests at heart. He was in it for the ego, sure, as are almost all politicians, but at the end of the day, he clearly had at least some desire to better our country. He at least had a basic understanding of domestic policy, and a decent understanding of foreign policy.

Compare this with Trump. Trump lied about the size of his inauguration crowd, and about the ratings for said event, he lied about the media covering up terrorist attacks, he lied about the Muslim ban, saying he never wanted such a thing, he lied about millions of illegal votes being cast against Hillary. He lies, lies, lies, pretty much every time he opens that ugly orange face of his, and you know what’s even worse? I’ll tell you.

Nixon made up for his lies, to a point, with competency. Trump hasn’t. Also, Jesus fuck me Christ, we’re less than a month into this administration, and look at what an unmitigated shit-show it’s already become! Trump and team are a global embarrassment, and and all the pointless, stupid, ego-stroking lies are a part of this.

Really, he’s just a horrible person, and the sooner our current long, national nightmare is over, the better.


A Good Court Thing

I’d meant to blog about this yesterday, but instead went to an Ariana Grande concert. Lesson learned.

Anyhow, a federal judge in Seattle issued a nationwide stay on Trump’s “totally not a Muslim ban that is, in fact, a ban on Muslims”. The Department of Homeland Security immediately began reissuing visas to people from whom they were revoked.

And…that’s that. In theory, this is now done. Or is it?

This is the first volley. Make no mistake; I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this nonsense.

Stopping Trump

Last night, President Trump (ugh…just vomited on my keyboard typing that), announced his new SCOTUS nominee. You know, the one he shouldn’t have, and wouldn’t have, had the Republicans not stolen it from under Obama.

So the question now is, what should the Democrats do? Much as I hate the tit-for-tat idea, and much as I don’t like the precedent it sets, I’m coming around to the idea of blocking everything, and becoming the party of no.

At the very least, even if the Democrats don’t block everything, they should fight tooth and nail to block the SCOTUS nominee until Merrick Garland is nominated and approved as he should have been. Yes, this will mean, in a practical sense, an eight person court until at least 2021, barring any further deaths or retirements. But the Republicans cannot be allowed to get away with this.

I don’t like the idea of doing this, and I don’t think we should block everything as the Republicans did during Obama’s administration. But, fuck it, we need to fight back, and this is a good way. It might well be the only real way, and even if it fails, at least we can go down fighting the good fight, and at the end of the day, the court still has the same balance as the one that gave us gay marriage and Obamacare.

The Apology Post

You can apologize. You know you want to. Just do it. Apologize.


That’s a good start.

What are you going to apologize for? I’ll tell you.

All of you who voted for Trump. Apologize.

All of you who lean left, but bought into the lies told about Hillary. Apologize.

All of you who thought Hillary wasn’t sufficiently liberal, so you voted for Stein. Apologize.

All of you apathetic losers who didn’t bother to vote. Apologize.

All of you who didn’t do everything you could to prevent Trump from coming to power, apologize.

Because you voted poorly, Donald Trump is the president. If you are at all unhappy at everything hes done, and you voted for anyone other than Hillary, or didn’t vote at all when you were able to, then you owe everyone an apology.

And until you offer that apology, your complaints have no meaning. Until you show that you learned you did wrong, all your posts on Facebook about the women’s march, and the restrictions on federal agencies talking about climate change, and all your comments about Nazis, and how Hitler rose to power, all of that has no meaning. None at all. Not until you accept responsibility for failing to do your part.

You can start in the comments. Then continue in person. Spend the next several years expressing your regret and admitting what you did wrong, and then maybe you’ll learn your lesson and remember this when next it comes time to vote.

You Have the Power to Bring Change

Confirmation hearings are about to start up for the various Trump nominees. It’s sure to be a hell of a shitshow, especially with the likes of Jeff Sessions.


He’s from Alabama and named for Jefferson Davis. This should be fun.

For the last eight years, the Republicans and the Tea Party have done an excellent job of blocking everything from basic legislation all the way up to a Supreme Court nomination. Various staffers who worked for the Democrats in Congress took notes as this was happening, and have now released a guide on how we can use similar tactics.

These tactics work. They’re part of why the ethics committee situation was resolved the way it was. We need to learn and use them in our own fight against Trump and Trumpism.

When Do We Start Calling it Trumpcare?

The problems with repealing the ACA have begun. Not only is it a great big federal thing that’s going to be hard to get rid of no matter what, but it’s also pretty popular. Also, the Republicans don’t have any real way to keep the good parts people like but get rid of the “bad” ones that people don’t. Plus Democrats have great motivation to cause as much trouble as possible when it comes to repealing.

This is going to be vastly entertaining.

You Can Make a Difference

On Monday evening, House Republicans voted to gut an independent ethics committee established in 2009 to oversee and investigate ethics issues with a certain level of transparency. Can’t imagine why anyone would have a problem with that existing, but apparently the Republicans did.

Well, the visuals on this were just horrible. Even Trump decried it, though to be fair, that  was mostly because he thought they should focus on other things first. Anyway, people were urged to call their members of Congress, did so, and lo and behold, that was the end of the efforts to kill ethical oversight. Well, for now, anyhow.

So, yes, please remember that you can indeed make a difference. You can stand up and fight, and that will help protect the causes you believe in. Yes, you have to actually do something and not just bitch and moan on Facebook. This is what the GOP has done for the last 25 years or so. Now it’s our turn.