What Did Russia Do?

What did Russia do during the 2016 United States presidential election? Did they interfere? Did they work to throw the election to Trump?

There’s been suspicions about this for a while now, and electoral meddling is something Russia has done through parts of Europe. But doing it here in the USA would be something entirely new and different. It also would be without precedent, as while we’ve fucked with elections before, we haven’t fucked with the ones in Russia. If we had, Putin wouldn’t be in charge anymore.

I remain somewhat skeptical of the idea of them meddling in our election, but I can’t dismiss it out of hand, and the fact that now a bipartisan group of American politicians are getting into the action.

I’d very much like to have a full investigation here and find out exactly what happened. It’s worth knowing so that we can prevent it from  happening again.

New Labor

Our new Labor Secretary will be…the former CEO of CKE, which owns Hardee’s and Carl’s, Jr.

So, yeah. He thinks many American workers are paid too much. I’ll let you guess which ones.

As a reminder to the liberals out there who refused to vote for Hillary because reasons, let me point out that there’s every possibility that we could have instead had Bernie Sanders as our Secretary of Labor. Instead we get the CEO of a fast food chain. Nicely one, you selfish fucks. Nicely done.

Why Not Sixteen?

How well-developed is the mind of the average sixteen-year-old? Developed enough that we allow them to drive a ton of steel down a road at 65 miles per hour. Developed enough that they’re expected (and have been for a couple of years at that point), to make major choices in their education that will impact the rest of their lives. Ones who misbehave at a high enough level even get tried as adults.

We treat them like adults in many, many ways. So…why not let them vote?


I mean, the ear gagues are terrible, but otherwise they can show good judgement.

I’d say that  the average sixteen-year-old has enough maturity and knowledge that voting is something they should be allowed to do, especially as, obviously, the average sixteen-year-old is going to have to live with various things politicians do longer than anyone who is older than they are.

Sure, not everyone at this age is responsible enough to be able to vote, but if there’s one thing that the recent election has proven it’s that age is no indicator of responsible voting ability.

Mind you, this won’t happen as long as Republicans have anything to say about it. They’d much rather no one under 65 vote, as young people tend to vote Democrat more than they do Republican.

But I still say it’s worth considering, worth pushing, and worth amending our Constitution for.

Why I Don’t Carrier About This

Trump and his surrogates are crowing over the roughly one thousand American jobs saved by striking  deal with Carrier to keep said jobs from being moved to Mexico. Hooray, well done, etc, etc.


The problem is that this deal was struck by making the same terrible exchanges state and local governments often make to keep jobs; they agreed to various incentives and subsidies to keep them from leaving.

This is not, in of itself, terrible, but it isn’t really great, either. I’m not big on the idea of bribing companies to stay here in the USA. It strikes me as a Faustian bargain at best.

Here’s what’s going to probably happen: Carrier will stay in the USA for about two or three years, and then they’ll leave anyhow, possibly because Mexico offers them a better deal. That’s how these things work.

This is why Trump won’t succeed with his plan to bring back millions of American jobs from overseas. The economics don’t allow for it, and greater levels of automation have eliminated the need for many of those jobs.

So don’t give him, or Pence, too much credit on this. I don’t think it’s going to end well, and it certainly hasn’t started all that well.

How to Undermine Yourself

Donald Trump is against the efforts to recount votes in three key states (Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan), and is now claiming that he would have won the popular vote once you deduct the “millions” of illegal votes cast against him.

So…isn’t that basically a good reason to do a recount?

His assertion is bullshit, of course; there’s no real evidence of voter fraud. I’m against these recounts because I think it’s a waste of time and money and removes focus from where it should be. And because Jill Stein, who’s organizing it all, just strikes me as a basically terrible person.

But Trump is against them for no logical reason that I can tell. Surely if a bunch of “illegal” votes were cast for candidates other than him, then we should do a recount, yes? Not doing so makes no sense, as we can’t ever uncover the votes in question.

Of course in reality, there weren’t millions of people voting against him illegally. He lost the popular vote by well over 2 million votes (but, you know, Hillary was weak!), and no recount is likely to change that.

Ignore Jill Stein

Ignore her, and if we’re lucky, she’ll go away.

Stein has recently raised a stupid amount of money to help fund efforts at recounting ballots in three states. I’m not at all sure what the point of this is. One would think it would be to get rid of Trump, but she can’t stand Hillary, either, so I’m baffled.

Don’t give her money. She’s nothing but a professional candidate, and the one time she managed to get elected to anything, she left halfway through her second term. She’s accomplished basically nothing since then. Just ignore her, and with luck, she’ll go away.

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