In It to Lose It

So no doubt you’ve heard the sound of America recoiling in disgust at the recently-released tape of Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s nominee for President of the United States of America, making various vulgar comments about women in general, and one particular married woman he tried to “fuck” back in 2005. It’s all pretty gross and distasteful, and none of it is a surprise.


Sexist, egotistical, lying hypocritical bigot.

This has resulted in several prominent GOP politicians and officials finally running for the hills to get as far away from Trump as they possibly can. They’ve revoked endorsements, and while I don’t know of any who’ve been brave enough to say, “I’ll vote Hillary for president and Republican for everything else, and you should, too,” this is at least progress.

Now for those of you who haven’t yet seen the video, here it is. Enjoy.

All of this has led to speculation that Trump will either voluntarily drop out of the race or be forced out. Well, not too long ago he announced that he’s not going anywhere. That’s not quite stopping the speculation.

The way I see it, there are three possible outcomes here. I’ll go over them from least likely to most.


If this happens, it raises, just, a whole lot of questions. Starting with “who takes his place?” Pence is the most logical guess, with some Republican “outsider” likely serving as the VP choice. But there might be support for someone like Ted Cruz, though the idea of anyone supporting him fills me with confusion.

This also begs the question of what happens to all the early voting ballots that were cast for Trump. Do they automatically go over to the new GOP choice? Do they stay with Trump? I’d be inclined to think the latter, since people were voting for the person, and not the party, but it’d be interesting to see what the courts say. It’d be really interesting to see what the Supreme Court would say. I suspect a 4 – 4 decision, thank you, Mitch McConnell.

This is probably not going to happen, though, at least not with enough time for the GOP to actually act and do anything. Trump’s ego is too big, and his narcissistic personality won’t allow him to just drop out unless he can present himself as the victim. That’s hard to do here, though not impossible. I think it more likely, though still not very likely, that he’d drop out after the next debate, and do it “officially” in response to that.


Pence has presented himself as a guardian of morals and virtue, and a good Christian man. Today he expressed the usual disgust and outrage over what Trump said, and, to his credit, skipped out on a campaign event in Wisconsin; one thrown by Paul Ryan who had disinvited Trump from it.

But will Pence’s levels of disgust and outrage force him off the ticket? Much as Chris Christie might hope for it, I don’t think so. Pence is a moral coward. All you have to do is look at the way he backed down on the anti-gay bill he signed into law back a year or two ago. He’s clearly more concerned with politics than with morality and decency, so I expect he’s staying on board. But…I could be wrong here.


Realistically, both Pence and Trump will remain in the race, and will, I sincerely hope, lose and lose big in November. The GOP won’t learn anything from this, of course, though they might put super delegates in place. But they gave Trump and his kind a seat at the table, and it’s going to be hard to take that way.

So Trump will remain in the race, Pence by his side. We’ll probably see a very awkward debate performance tomorrow, and likely have at least two more major scandals before election day.

Know hope.

Mana From Heaven

Or at least from the Washington Post

If you’re still a Trump supporter, please explain why, and explain why without citing Bill Clinton.

Master Debators – Side Story 2016

6:00PM MST – So here we are, the 2016 vice-presidential debate. It’s likely to be full of all the fun things we’ve come to expect of such debates like…uh…well, let’s just get going.

As always, press F5 often to keep up with the joy!


6:02 – We’re reminded of the stakes here, and of the two men who will be on stage. Both are older white men, which these days actually seems kind of weird.

6:04 – We’re also reminded, again, that the audience has agreed to not react to anything except at the start and finish of the debate. So, again, why have them there?

6:06 – Tim Kaine is safe and boring, and proving that while giving a fairly long, somewhat rambling introduction to himself. Fair enough. Pence is up next, and I’ve never really seen him speak before.

6:08 – And he turned me off quick. “War on coal”, as though that’s a bad thing. And I pretty much tune him out after that.

6:12 – This whole narrative that Obama’s foreign policy has been “weak” or has “failed” irritates the hell out of me. Tell me how exactly blowing up pretty much everything with drones is “weak” under the Republican definition of the word. Also, minus three points to Kaine for interrupting twice so far. Don’t be Trump, dude!

6:14 – Kaine providing a counter-narrative describing the various positive outcomes of Hillary’s time in office in a good thing. Also, I’d give real money for both of them to stop doing the interruptions now.

6:17 – I really am surprised at how much Pence keeps emphasizing the “war on coal”. Surely that only plays well in about three states? Only one of which is a swing state. Seems odd to me. Oh, and they want to repeal all the executive orders from Obama, and get rid of the ACA. Of course.

6:18 – Kaine’s more than a little awkward here, with his comments about “you’re fired”. No, that just doesn’t work. And he really doesn’t work well in the attack dog role. He’s much better doing the “friendly uncle” thing.

6:20 – That said, I’m glad that he’s hitting hard over the minimum wage issue, and the other economic disasters that Pence and Trump want to bring about.

6:21 – Pence is basically lying about the state of the economy, but Kaine needs to stop trying to interrupt him! Pence is coming across as the adult here.

6:31 – Honestly, I’m tuning out at this point. This is pretty boring.

6:34 – I know that the idea that a black police officer could have a bias against blacks seems rather odd. But it is true, and does need to be addressed.

6:37 – Kaine is right, but not coming off as very presidential or authoritative. Pence is wrong, but is coming off as much more steady. This bodes ill.

6:38 – It baffles me that any union ever endorses any Republican. Republicans are dedicated to destroying unions. For a union to support one is mind-boggling.

6:39 – Ah, the “basket of deplorables” line. It was accurate, and it was actually Hillary saying, “Half of these aren’t people we’re ever going to reach. But the other half, the sane half, we can reach.”

6:43 – A moderately interesting immigration debate, but no one has bothered to mention that there’s a net loss of immigrants from Mexico, and has been for the last several years.

6:45 – The world is quantifiably safer now than it was eight years ago. Witness the fact that there are no wars at all in the Western Hemisphere at this point. Let that sink in. I bet neither of them mentions this.

6:50 – The idea that we could have just asked nicely and the Iraqis would have allowed us to continue to remain as an occupying army baffles me.

6:51 – The idea we aren’t vetting refugees is asinine. We certainly are. The idea that a terrorist would describe themselves as a refugee, and spend three years being vetted, to come here and attack, when they can simply get a travel visa and do stuff is just insane and stupid.

6:54 – Kaine is making good points about the American way of life, and why it’s important to maintain our laws and standards. He’s just not making these points very well.

6:57 – The moderator is doing her best, but she really needs a gavel.

6:58 – Ah, the myth that our military is somehow small, and we need to spend even more on it than we already do. What bullshit.

7:00 – There is no public will to invade Syria and end the war there. None. It’s a complete non-starter. So it constantly annoys me that the Republicans are pushing for just that.

7:01 – A very good attack angle pointing out that if Trump didn’t pay taxes for 18 years, which is possible, but unproven, then he wouldn’t have paid to contribute to the military that he has vowed to make “great” again. This contrasts well with Hillary.

7:05 – Kaine is making good points, but again, he’s not being very effective.

7:09 – He’s calming down a bit now, but I suspect it’s too little too late.

7:13 – Here’s what Kaine’s strategy has been: make Pence defend Trump’s extremist positions. It’s not a bad idea, but it hasn’t been working, and he really needs to change course.

7:19 – This is a good defense of the Clinton Foundation, with some good slams at the Trump Foundation.

7:23 – Atheist though I am, I do kind of wish I’d had a Jesuit education. They’re really good at that sort of thing.

7:25 – Kaine gave a very nuanced answer about struggling with the death penalty and yet going forward with it as governor. Pence starts going off on abortion, because of course he does. Though at least he’s staying away from the gays, which is smart.

7:28 – Kaine is going full-forward in his defense of abortion rights. Good. That’s exactly what Democrats should do. He’s also calling out Trump for the comments he’s made about punishing women for having abortions.

7:31 – It’s nice to see them both being more respectful of each other. I wish it had started out like this.

734: – Our nation does stand tall. We do have a strong military. This is total bullshit.

And that’s that. Kaine clearly lost, though he did start to make a comeback toward the end. The good news is that this probably won’t move the polls very much.

The Continuing Shit-Show

Two big Trump stories today. First, he lost over a billion dollars in a single year in the 1990s, which might have enabled him to avoid paying taxes for the last eighteen years. So that’s fun.

Second, he’s made some statements that imply he believes that military vets who kill themselves lack a certain strength of character.

Add to this last week’s nonsense over a beauty pageant winner, whom Trump took time to slam at about three in the morning, and I have to ask…why are there any undecided voters out there?

This man is a lunatic who lies constantly, lies about stupid, easily provable shit, refuses to release his tax returns, and is clearly a fairly awful person. He’s racist, he’s sexist, he’s ignorant and proud of it, and has no business being president.

So…if you’re undecided, why? What’s wrong with you? Do you honestly believe that Trump will be a better president than Hillary? If so, what’s your basis for this belief?

I’m really just baffled by this.

One Last Thing on the Debate

The cold-open from last night’s SNL.

So, This is Hilarious

Vote Local

Let’s not forget that while the presidency is important, and it’s vital that we keep Trump far, far away from it, also important are the various local races. These include state legislatures, governorships, every seat in the House of Representatives and one third of the Senate.

If you don’t think local elections are important, then let me introduce you to Arizona.


Lovely, this state. I really enjoy living here. Of course, because I live in Arizona, I’m very happy that I’m not Hispanic, happy that I don’t have kids that go to school here, and won’t ever change a diaper.

Those laws are bonkers, but there are other insane state laws out there. You know the various “religious freedom” bills that are actually excuses to deny rights to gay people and trans people? Those are all passed by local legislatures and then signed-off on by various governors. They don’t come out of nowhere. They aren’t done by the president. They’re done by your local government.

Voting for the national legislature is important, too. Tired of the Supreme Court nomination being blocked? Vote for the Democrats, and help put them back in charge in the Senate. Figure that 57+ votes to repeal the ACA are 56 too many? Vote for the Democrats, and maybe, just maybe, we can retake the House, too.

If you’re a liberal, and can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary, so you stay home and don’t vote, you’re a fucking idiot, and not really a liberal at all; you’re really just a whiny, self-centered brat who doesn’t care about the country. But if, on the other hand, you’re a liberal who can’t bring yourself to vote for Hillary, and you at least go and vote for Democrats for everything except president, and then write-in Bernie, well, you’re still being a self-centered twat, but not nearly as badly, and I can have at least some respect for you.t