TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S01E09

Well, here we are, at the fall finale. The last episode until January. How was it?

Well, I no longer want her to eat that phaser, so that’s progress.

This was a decent enough episode. Serviceable. A solid C. But as usual, I’m left with way too many questions!

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TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S01E08

You know, I just realized that this blog has become a bit limited in scope of late. Perhaps I should resume blogging about politics and the like.

Naw, fuck that. Let’s just keep picking on Discovery. It’s way less depressing.


And Lt Tyler is pretty easy on the eyes.


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TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S01E07

Yes, we’re back to the insane, stupidly-long titles again. Also, we’re back to me asking some very basic questions that drag down an otherwise ok episode. Lastly, we’re back to Mudd! Let’s get going!

Oddly, “time-looping homicidal maniac and would-be traitor” isn’t listed on here.

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TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S01E06

Well, here we are again. Another week down, another episode of my “favorite” Trek series completed. So where am I on this one?

Hold your horses, kids. I liked it.

Though not in the same way that she likes Lorca.

Spoilers, as always, to follow!

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TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S1E5

Choose your pain! I choose to continue to watch Discovery, despite the fact that I should, by now, know better.

This episode was an improvement over previous ones. There were some little moments that I liked, and Rainn Wilson is quite good at playing a character we once saw on the original series. There was also a wonderful little moment of continuity that, at last, canonized the character of Robert April.

But just as I was starting to warm up, along comes the stupid. Here’s my usual spoileriffic list of questions!


First question: why would you allow a prisoner to keep that many rings?

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TV Review – Star Trek Discovery – S01E04

Ever wonder why I’m not putting titles for these episodes? Because a pretentious title like the ones we’ve seen lately deserves no praise, no accolades, and no recognition.

Oh, well. On with the review. Spoilers ahoy. Etc.

Also, why are transparent monitors a thing? So useless.

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TV Review: Star Trek: Discovery – 1.03

Well, that was awful.

Yes, I’d held out hope that somehow the third episode would be better than the first two. That once we got to see the “real” crew and characters, we’d get something better, interesting, and, indeed, watchable.

We did not. Spoilers ahoy!


At least the outfit’s color is correct!

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