Toy Review – Masterpiece Prowl

Let’s talk about Prowl.


As a character, I was never that into him when he was on the TV series. He’s quite interesting in the IDW comics line, however, so getting him as a toy, especially in his G1 form, was something that excited me quite a bit!

And sure enough, this is a wonderful toy. Very faithful to how he looked on TV, in both vehicle and robot mode. Slap on some stickers from a third-party website that specializes in such things and you have a really lovely toy.

Prowl only comes with his gun, which is a bit vexing, as someone like Masterpiece Ironhide comes with a great many accessories. But that’s a minor complaint.


There are supposed to be mirrors on this toy. They weren’t included in the box, but look at the picture. Mirrors. I had the same problem with Masterpiece Bluestreak.

This does not please me, and I’m docking a star because of it.

But otherwise, this is a great toy, and if you can afford it, it’s well-worth the purchase.


Toy Review – “Notimus Prime”

This is astoundingly good.


What you get here is basically a knock-off Masterpiece version of Optimus Prime (Notimus Prime, perhaps?), but one that’s sized-up quite a bit. This sucker is huge. It towers over all my other other Transformers, including the combiners, and is only shorter in my collection than Armada Unicron, and not much shorter.

The quality is excellent. Large amounts of die-cast metal, and very well-made plastic. This is something that will, probably, last a long time! It is, however, worth noting that a little c-clamp (I’m not sure what they’re really called), acts as a hinge for the engine assembly/Matrix bay, has broken, and broke within two days of my having it. The part remains held in place by friction, but it broke very easily.

Now onto the transformation! It’s easy on its face, but there are a surprisingly large number of details that I didn’t get until my second, third, and even fourth time transforming this toy. It’s like every time I worked on it, I discovered something new, like the gun storage, or the fold-out mirrors, or the like.

I cannot recommend this toy highly enough. Aside from the one minor breaking incident, this is an incredible item, and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes the Masterpiece line. Throw on some Autobot symbols, and you’re set to go!

(wanna buy it? Get it where I got it: The Chosen Prime!)

Toy Review – Fortress Maximus

(review based on product sent to me for reviewing purposes by Amazon Vine)

I never got the chance to get ole Fort Max back in the day when he was first released. I was young and poor and that just wasn’t going to happen. Now I’m older, less poor, and was quite keen to buy this…then Vine came along and offered it to me, so that’s a fun thing.


I’m very pleased with this toy. It is indeed quite large, being over two feet tall, and has an extremely simplistic transformation. The alt-modes are laughable, and really aren’t that impressive. Plus there are a lot of odd compartments and things that aren’t shown on the instructions. I suspect they’re a legacy of the original Metroplex mold upon which this one was based. That said, the “totally not a Headmaster” Headmaster head is rather cool, as is the tiny head that goes with it.

The articulation is decent, as is the poseability, but the bulk of the toy does make some more interesting poses difficult (though I did manage to get a fun pic of him tormenting my Waspinator figure). There are also waaaaaay too many stickers, and frankly, the robot mode could use some accessories. A gun or something would have gone a long way here.

Still, it’s a good product, a nice toy, and one that will sit proudly in my collection.

Toy Review – Masterpiece Shockwave

I always kind of liked Shockwave. He was an interesting character in both the old G1 TV series and in the IDW comics. Plus, frankly, the Masterpiece line has been somewhat lacking in Decepticons. One can have only so many Seekers, after all.

So I jumped at the chance to get Masterpiece Shockwave! I’d never had the toy as a kid, and this seemed like a great chance. Now that I have it, what do I think?

It’s great! Just great! It looks good, it has a nice heft to it, has some great poseability, and a surprisingly complex transformation. I like that the gun “barrel” part is no longer detachable, but rather forms a part of his body. I also really like that instead of a rubber hose connecting his gun arm to his body, we have a spring with some string in it. I suspect this will hold up well.

Additionally one gets multiple different hands, so if you want Shockwave to be throwing a salute, for example, he can. He also gets a gun to carry which…er…is basically him in gun form. A bit odd, but he did that in the TV show, so there you are.

Now the price here is a bit steep, but I feel it’s worth it for what you get, which is something very great. I highly recommend this toy to anyone who likes G1, Shockwave, or just Decepticons in general.

Toy Review – Transformers Masterpiece Soundwave – Platinum “Year of the Goat” Edition

What to do, I wondered. What to do? I really wanted Masterpiece Soundwave. Would it be better to grit my teeth and pay hundreds of dollars for it with the cassettes? Or perhaps pay slightly less for a version with only one cassette and then add the others? Or just give up, because WOW, was it ever expensive!

But there was a different path that awaited me. A goat trail to success!


This is the American version of the Masterpiece Soundwave toy. He comes with all the cassettes, except Ratbat, and all the Soundwave accessories. It’s quite an excellent piece, if you can get past the fact that instead of shades of blue and black, we have a character who is alternately transparent and dark orange.

Now I was able to rationalize away that coloration problem. To me the toy itself is so amazing, and this was the only way I was going to own it (seriously, you can buy three or four of these for the price of one standard Masterpiece Soundwave), so the colors don’t matter too much to me. But they might to you.

Colors aside, the toy is great in both robot and alt-mode. It transforms quite smoothly, though in a way very different from the G1 toy from back in the day. You can fit three cassettes in him at once, just like with the other version of this toy (though don’t put Rumble or Frenzy in there), and all the accessories look great, and blend well with the toy.

As far as the aforementioned cassettes…well, they all look great, and transform wonderfully, with the birds and Ravage having built-in weapons rather than ones you have to attach. Rumble and Frenzy have the attachable ones, but those work well for them. I do have one complaint, however, and that complaint is why there’s less than five stars here.

You see, the toy comes with Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Laserbeak and Buzzsaw. In every other toy, Buzzsaw is yellow or gold, and Laserbeak is red. This toy, however, gives two different bird tapes. One is yellow, and one is gold. So which is which? That’s a bit of a disappointment.

Still, other than that, this is a great toy, and I highly recommend buying it if you want an MP Soundwave and don’t mind the colors.