On the Sofa – “The Big Big Finish Special!”

Here we are! Three different videos for your enjoyment.

Mostly talking about the new series and the recent, and upcoming, DVD releases.

And finally part three!

Discussing the various Doctor Who spinoffs as well as the series itself.


“Invasion of the Dinosaurs”

“The Android Invasion”

Big Finish

Gallifrey One


On the Sofa – December 31, 2011 – “Puttin’ the ‘Ho’ in ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’!”

A short one this time.


“Invasion of the Dinosaurs”

“The Android Invasion”

On the Sofa – December 2, 2011 – “Doctors, Doctors Everywhere!”

Went a bit long with this one. Sorry, gang. It’s worth it. 🙂


Colony in Space

“The Three Doctors”

“The Five Doctors”

“The Two Doctors”

On the Sofa – Novemeber 5, 2011

Used a new camera this time. We were able to put it closer to the couch. Amazing how much that improves the sound quality!

The trailer for the unmade third movie

The Cushing films on Amazon US

The Cushing films on Amazon UK, only £4.49!

Watch the first film on Hulu!

On the Sofa – 10-16-11

Here’s our latest! Links below. And yes, the date is off by a day. Deal. 😛

“The Talons of Weng-Chiang”

“Colony in Space”

On the Sofa – September 17, 2011

The Torchwood stuff ends at about 12:35.


Day of the Daleks

Gallifrey One

Big Finish

On the Sofa – August 12, 2011

Yeah, a day late again. Editing these is quite time consuming! Links to stuff below.


“The Sun Makers”

“Paradise Towers”