Everything on this site is copyright 2008 – 2010 by Chris Swanson, all rights reserved. All articles are written by Chris Swanson. All photos are taken from Wikipedia or other public sources or were taken by me unless otherwise indicated. All photos remain the property of the copyright holder.

Permission to repost these articles in full or part is granted provided credit is given to Chris Swanson and a link is created from the posting site to the original article. If you don’t do that, you’ll be called “a big fat meanie”.


4 Responses to “Credits”

  1. arthurthepanther Says:

    Don’t you mean “meanie”? lol

  2. Chris Says:

    😛 unto you.

  3. David Gaya Says:

    Hey Chris,
    are yourself a “a big fat meanie” ?
    why don’t you give credit to the Michelangelo’s David picture ?


    • Chris Says:

      I snagged that one from Wikipedia. I used to have something on here saying that’s where all the pics came from unless noted otherwise. I’m not sure why I removed that disclaimer, but I’m putting it back up now! Thanks for drawing my attention to it!

      I also see that you’re the one who took the photo. It’s very good! I really like it, but if you want I’ll remove it from my blog and find a different one. Just let me know!

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