I Hate Being Sick

Not a novel sentiment, admittedly. But I’ve started week two of this, and missed five out of eights days of work. Boo!

What’s really annoying now is that I mostly feel ok, aside from the fact that my nasal congestion is making it extremely hard to sleep. Out of 8.5 attempted hours last night, I slept maybe 5, and those weren’t consecutive.

Ugh. Ok, done complaining now.

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Why is Obamacare Still a Thing?

Several reasons, starting with the fact that people like it.

It really is kind of sad that so many people voted for a party that vowed to repeal Obamacare and replace it with “something better”, and that those people aren’t getting what they want. Come on, you congressional cowards! Repeal it, like you promised. Fuck over your voters. Go ahead. Make fixing this entirely your problem.

I dare you.

Distressingly Accurate

I’m pretty sick still/again, and so here’s this.

So This Fucking Thing Exists

God, I wish they’d stop making these. The first one was good, the last three have been shit, and I strongly suspect this won’t do anything to reverse the trend.

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A Good Court Thing

I’d meant to blog about this yesterday, but instead went to an Ariana Grande concert. Lesson learned.

Anyhow, a federal judge in Seattle issued a nationwide stay on Trump’s “totally not a Muslim ban that is, in fact, a ban on Muslims”. The Department of Homeland Security immediately began reissuing visas to people from whom they were revoked.

And…that’s that. In theory, this is now done. Or is it?

This is the first volley. Make no mistake; I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of this nonsense.

A Grande Night Out

I don’t really know who Ariana Grande is, but I’m at one of her concerts feeling very old. So no real blog today. But…stay spiffy? Or whatever uplifting message some teeny bop singer has.

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Some Thoughts on Season One of The Grand Tour

I’m watching the season finale of Amazon’s similar-to-but-legally-distinct-from knock-off of Top Gear known as The Grand Finale. What have I thought of this first season?


In general, I’ve been very pleased. The formula is basically the same as it was with the BBC, ie: three lads screwing around with cars. On that level there’s no real difference from the old series.

But that’s a good thing. I like that. I liked Top Gear with May, Clarkson and Hammond, and I like what they’ve done here. It’s got the same “feel” and remains vastly entertaining.

There are some things I dislike. The “American” bit isn’t especially original or entertaining. It’s very one-note, really. The “Celebrity Brain Crash” bit has gotten old quickly, too.

But those complains aside,  I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit, and I really look forward to season two! Oh, and to a lesser extent, I look forward to the next series of Top Gear.