Reviews Policy

Got a book, TV show, DVD, Blu Ray, video game, delicious cheese or pretty much anything else that you’d like to have reviewed? I’m willing to do it! Just drop me an email with what you have, and I’ll tell you how to get it into my hands! A few things to know first.

1. Reviews remain copyrighted by me. You are welcome to use excerpts as long as you give proper credit.

2. All reviews of products sent to me for the purpose of reviewing them will have a disclaimer at the top saying something like, “Special thanks to John Smith Publicity for sending me a screener!” The only exception are my Big Finish reviews, as all of those reviews are of products provided to me by the company.

3. I will cross-post reviews on here as well as on Amazon and on when possible, unless you specifically ask me not to.

4. I will not accept any money for reviews unless you’re a company that wants to hire reviewers, in which case, let’s talk. 😉 Otherwise it would be unethical.

5. I will always be honest in my reviews. You may not like what I have to say, but at least you’ll know it’s sincere.

6. When possible I will include Amazon associates links in my reviews.

If you have any further questions or want something reviewed, please drop me a line! Thank you!


2 Responses to “Reviews Policy”

  1. Richard C. Geschke Says:

    Dear Mr. Swanson:
    I came across your reviews on and after reading your profile I thought you a good candidate for doing a review on of my just released book titled “In Our Duffel Bags, Surviving the Vietnam Era.” I can either send you an eBook attachment or send you a paperback edition. The choice is all yours. If you agree please just email me back. If you require the hardback edition, I will of course need your address. To give you an idea of what the book is all about just click onto my website link below.
    Richard C. Geschke

  2. Arthur M. Doweyko Says:


    I came across your profile and reviews on Amazon, and note your interest in science fiction.
    Just wondering if you might be interested in reviewing Algorithm.
    It’s a hard sci-fi epic aimed at the surprising discovery of our origins.

    If there is an interest, I can provide a pdf, gift a Kindle version, or even send you a print copy.

    Thanks for your consideration,

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