A Great Example of the Generational Gap

So there’s this Class One douchebag named Andrew Thomas who is running for governor here in Arizona. Here’s his campaign ad.

He’ll stand up to the gay lobby! Because they want equality, and that’s fucking unreasonable! And those dammed liberal judges who did things like…well, there aren’t examples, but you know how they are! But the real threat to our state are those dirty, horrible Mexicans! Coming up here and going on welfare and taking our jobs! Bastards! The real bliss of this ad comes with the incredibly racist map of Arizona with the Mexican flag superimposed over it and the big NO symbol over that. Just in case you didn’t get the hint.

So basically what I get from this man’s ad is that he’s a racist, homophobic, bigot. I also notice that in that little group of people he’s got around him at about the 10 second mark, there isn’t one non-white person. Whoever is creating these ads is a clueless buffoon for letting that happen.

But the real problem with this ad is that it shows how incredibly out of touch and tone deaf the modern Republican party has become. Very, very few people under the age of 30 would be likely to vote for this man, and pretty much no one who is Hispanic is going to. I’d hope no gays would, either. So basically he’s going out of his way to piss off and alienate two large and growing demographics, and one group of people that crosses all demographics.

Now I’m sure if he were questioned about this and felt like being honest, Thomas, as well as most other politicians running in primaries, would justify the language by saying, well, you know, it’s a primary, and he has to attract that core of conservative voters. But you know, if your party’s core constituency is made up of people who believe that dirty Mexicans are destroying this country and that gay people are a threat, then you have to ask yourself if your party is really worth supporting, or if it should just be allowed to die.

I suppose it doesn’t really matter much in the end, because at the rate things are going, the Republicans are going to continue to alienate themselves from all the voting demographics that aren’t extremely rich/extremely poor older people, and seniors. And that will be just fine.