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How the Libertarians Can Become a Major Party

Assuming all goes well and Obama wins the White House, I think we can safely assume the Republican party will be in a state of great disarray. Here they’ll be, having pulled every dirty trick they can, having pushed the agenda of what Andrew Sullivan calls “Christianistas”, having completely sold their souls, and they still will have lost. Imagine the great hue and cry issuing forth from the party.

If this happens, this will be a great chance for the Libertarians to step in and start repositioning themselves. Why? Consider their platform: they want states to decide on abortion rights, they don’t want big business being regulated, they aren’t in favor of foreign aid, they think states should decide on gay marriage (in as much as they think the government should be involved in marriage at all). In fact the only way they seem to really differ from “true” conservatives is that they think drugs should be legalized.

Think about it. If you’re a real conservative, someone who honestly believes most of the GOP’s platform, but are sick to death of the religious wingnuts who have taken over the party, where can you go? You’re not going to go to the Democrats. Perhaps the Libertarians might be the group for you.

Bob Barr won’t win this election. But if he’s lucky, he and the party can capitalize on the current situation and, especially if the GOP loses, might well be able to reposition themselves as the “true” conservative party for America. I don’t say it’s likely, but I do think it’s possible.