Happy Birthday, Mr Lautner

Taylor Lautner, now with added legality!

So Taylor Lautner has officially lost his jailbait status. Yes, the incredibly sexy actor from the Twilight films has his 18th birthday today. What does this mean in practical terms?

Well, it means my lusting after him is now very slightly less creepy. Like maybe .0552% less creepy.

One thing he has not lost, at least as of November of last year, is his virginity. Or so he claims. He’s apparently a Christian and doesn’t wanna just sack any girl who comes along.

I suppose it might be easy for him to avoid girls if he’s actually, you know, gay. There’s been rumors, of course. He’s young, he’s hot, how can there not be rumors? I tend to ignore such things, but I do take notice of a line in an interview he gave to Rolling Stone where he was talking about love and sex and such.

“Yeah, I would need to know the person,” he explained.

How can you not wanna hit that?

“The person”, Mr Lautner? The person? Not “the girl”, or “the woman”, but “the person”? Straight people don’t generally talk like that. People who are gay but don’t want other people to figure it out, but also don’t want to lie, generally do talk like that.

Now I’m not saying he is gay. Statistically he’s probably straight. Statistically he’s probably also not a virgin, despite what he says. But it doesn’t matter, because if he’s gay or if he’s been having sex, we’re not going to hear about it. I’m sure he’s probably got morals clauses all over the place in his contract to do the Twilight movies and so he’s not going to be coming out over anything anytime soon.

But I can dream, eh?


A Bit of a Surprise

You ever browse around on Wikipedia, looking up people you are curious about, come to one you’re pretty sure is dead, and find out that person is still living? I went through that myself a bit ago. I was looking up some Doctor Who stuff and was reading about Michael Gough, who played the Celestial Toymaker in an old Hartnell episode. I could’ve sworn he was dead and had died just a few years ago, but no. He’s still alive!

I’ve had this happen before, though I don’t remember the names of anyone it happened with. It’s always a little surprising and unsettling, but in a very good way. 🙂

Sic Transit Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009)

The King (of pop) is dead.

The King (of pop) is dead.

Michael Jackson has died (thus managing to steal the limelight from Farrah Fawcett). The former King of Pop apparently had a massive heart attack and died in a hospital after being briefly revived.

Jackson was, to put it mildly, someone who was the subject of much controversy through his life. He had some very odd personal habits and was accused (and found not guilty), of child molestation. His family has been the subject of much strangeness as well.

I was never really that into Michael Jackson’s music, but it was hard to ignore growing up during the 1980’s and 1990’s. He did sing some really great songs, like the “Thriller” and “Billie Jean”. He was an amazing entertainer.

In the long run, we’ll forget all about his bizarre habits and the possible child molestation. We’ll focus instead on the music he made, and ultimately, that’s what’s most important.