Fuck the Catholic Church in the Ear

'Damn dirty hippies!'

After all, their priests have been fucking kids for years, right? Or rather, they’ve been fucking them since around 1968. Apparently it never happened before then. Why do I say that? Because the Church is blaming the sexual revolution and societal changes in the 1960s and 1970s for the rape of children. This blame comes from a study commissioned by bishops (and any study they paid for was unlikely to blame them), and it says that priests of that era were unable to deal with the changes.

Now I will give them credit for not blaming the gays, but this search for a scapegoat that isn’t connected to Church teachings or policies is getting really ridiculous, as is their new policies on dealing with abuse with require abuse be reported, but only if local laws say it has to be. So basically they’re telling their people they should obey the local laws. How kind. They’re also saying they can ignore morality when the local laws don’t require them to pay attention to it.

You know, I give the Church a lot of shit, but it entirely deserves it. It’s a barbaric institution that, yes, has done a lot of good in the world, but it’s very much overshadowed by the evil it’s committed, and this is a perfect example of that. This study was bought and paid for by the Church as a way of telling themselves that, hey, everything is hunky dory and they don’t need to change a thing with their policies and practices. What a pack of jerks.

As I’ve said before, I long for the day the Church finally collapses and Vatican City is turned into an art museum with no religion attached.


More Stupid Remarks From the Pope

Big Poppa Benny 16

Pope Benedict XVI is currently on a state visit to the United Kingdom where, frankly, he should be facing charges. Of course he can’t be charged with anything since he’s the head of a sovereign country. Vatican City shouldn’t be consider its own nation, but it is, so we have to go with that for now.

Anyhow, the other day the Pope compared atheists with Nazis and implied they were trying to bring about an atheist regime in Europe (despite the fact that Hitler was Catholic and the whole Nazi image was built around Christianity). Then he made some even stupider comments about how Christianity is being “marginalized” around the world.

“I cannot but voice my concern at the increasing marginalisation of religion, particularly of Christianity, that is taking place in some quarters, even in nations which place a great emphasis on tolerance.

“There are those who would advocate that the voice of religion be silenced, or at least relegated to the purely private sphere.

“There are those who argue that the public celebration of festivals such as Christmas should be discouraged, in the questionable belief that it might somehow offend those of other religions or none.”

Yeah, you know, Christianity is the largest religion in the world by a fair number. I’m pretty sure we don’t need to worry about it being marginalized, at least in the poor, uneducated countries of the world. First world nations like those in Europe are a different matter, so he might be somewhat right there.

But pay attention to the other stuff he says. Basically he’s saying that religion should be mixed in with politics. He’s also saying that it’s “questionable” that people might be offended by state-sponsored celebrations of specific religious holidays.

Let me put to rest any questions on this issue, Benny 16. I, personally, would be offended to have state-sponsored religious holidays. I am offended when I see the line between church and state being blurred or removed completely.

The Pope also issued some more fairly weak apologies for, you know, all those priests raping kids. From all the evidence it sounds like he was involved in the cover-up from the start and spent a great deal of time and effort helping to hide the priests involved. He should apologize. He should also be investigated criminally and, if there’s evidence, charged.

I know that won’t happen, but I can dream. In the meantime, I still find myself wondering how any person of conscience can continue to remain a part of the Catholic church.

Yes, He Helped Cover it Up

So there now appears to be complete proof that the current Pope, when he was in other positions within the church, helped to cover up rape and torture of children doing so for the good of the church. What a slimeball.

To Catholics: look, I don’t honestly care if you people want this man in charge. Sure, he helped obstruct justice and assisted in the rape, torture and molestation of children, and currently puts me in mind of Emperor Palpatine, but so what? If you guys really think he’s the person who best represents your church on Earth, so be it.

But if you’re smart, you’ll start withholding all your donations to the church until this asshat is gone from the Papacy. Also, you might want to shop around a bit. There’s still plenty of other churches are that are anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-choice and anti-birth control.

Why Remain Catholic?

I know, I know. I promised you Vegas coverage. It’s coming up soon! Meantime, there’s this.

The Huffington Post, a site I usually ignore since they’re bathed in ignorance regarding such things as vaccination, have published a fascinating article by a Catholic who justifies remaining a member of the church despite the scandals. It’s a good article, but from the outset there’s a bit of wooly thinking.

Those of us of a certain age remember traveling abroad during the Vietnam years when we would be asked, “How can you still call yourself an American?” Our answer was: we are not the White House. We are not the Pentagon. We are the people protesting; America is larger than your words suggest.

This is an invalid comparison. The American government is one that’s elected by a popular vote that almost every adult citizen can take part in. The Pope is a person elected by a small, select group of men who were all appointed to the position they occupy. This is like what we’d have if the Supreme Court always picked our President and the justices were all appointed by the President.

She then offers a parable in the style of Jesus, only slightly less subtle. It also really doesn’t make much sense. So I’ll offer my own parable.

Once upon a time there was an incredibly corrupt group of men that ran a large, multi-national business. These men, through a series of lies, manipulations, evasions and criminal activity, gave shelter to members of their own group who had raped and tortured their way through the last two-thousand years. While some voices in this group of men cried out for justice, most were content to cover-up the crimes and avoid doing the right thing, all the while claiming they were doing what was best, smearing the accusers and telling everyone that would listen that all these crimes were “gossip”.

Eventually these men were arrested for obstruction of justice and the men who were accused of the rape and torture were also arrested. Many were convicted. The business was left in tatters as customers right and left deserted it for their competitors who, while plagued with problems of their own, didn’t pretend that the rape and torture allegations were part of some conspiracy by the gays.

True, these people still filled their head with lies, but you can’t have everything, and some of them, not all, but some, finally had the scales fall from their eyes, saw the lies for what they were and decided they didn’t need to do business with any of these companies.

The end.

Parable win.

Sadly just a parable, since there’s been almost no prosecution in these cases and probably won’t be. But I can dream.

The Greatest Force of Evil, Revisted

Something about him always puts me in mind of Gollum...

Back when I first started this blog I managed to piss off people with an article called “The Greatest Force of Evil in the World Today“. It was a fair and balanced look at the Catholic Church.

I made a few errors and had some misunderstandings about things like the Doctrine of Infallibility and was happy to be corrected on those. But there were a lot of other things I said that I stand behind fully, the most central of which is this: the Catholic church remains the greatest force of evil in the world today.

How big is their evil? Well, they still won’t allow the faithful to use birth control. If you’re HIV+ you can’t even use condoms to prevent giving it to your wife. If you have ten kids already and you can’t afford more than two, you’re expected to forgo sex for the rest of your life rather than use birth control. Then there’s the whole abortion issue.

Of course there’s also the church’s stance on gays and gay marriage and the like. They stopped adoptions in DC recently rather than risk having to let kids get adopted by gay couples. A Catholic school also expelled the children of a couple lesbians on the grounds that, since the church teaches homosexuality is a sin, they wouldn’t want the little dears constantly hearing how evil their parents are. Very kind. I also note that I haven’t yet heard a loud condemnation from the Vatican about the “kill all the gays” bill in Uganda.

Then there’s my usual saw about how obnoxious it is that the Pope lives in a palatial art museum while so many of his faithful live in mud shacks if that. If the church liquidated even 1% of its assets imagine how much good they could do for the hundreds of thousands of Catholics God made homeless in Haiti.

These are all my usual complaints about the church, and ignore all my objections to problems with their theology (the Trinity, the Pope, original sin, etc), but they all frankly pale at this point compared with what is arguably their greatest evil of the last couple centuries: children being raped and abused by priests.

This is hardly a new issue, sadly. In the States we went through this back in the early part of the last decade, where it seemed like every day brought new revelations as to the level of evil within the church.

Give him a beard and call him Santa!

One of the people in charge of dealing with the problems, a certain Cardinal Ratzinger, sent out a letter to the church authorities in America which, among other things, could be interpreted as telling them not to report any allegations of abuse to the police. Now as the author of the post I linked to points out the wording on that is somewhat ambiguous. What wouldn’t have been was a directive from Rome to report such crimes to church and civil authorities but I guess they didn’t want to go overboard and actually try to, you know, actually do anything about the situation.

Apparently even as Pope the former Cardinal still enjoys writing, since his response to a massive, widespread series of abuse cases in Ireland has been to… send a letter where he apologizes for the way the church handled the crimes that occurred. For some this is enough, but not for me and not for Christopher Hitchens who tears the Pope a new one over this letter.

Civil authorities around the world really need to step up and do some real investigations of the various sex and abuse crimes the church has been involved in. The crimes themselves are horrible enough, but the fact that the church has gone out of their way to cover it up and not cooperate with criminal investigations or report the crimes to the police. They’re allowed to get away with doing that because they’re a religious organization. No secular group would accorded the same favoritism.

I know that in the long run this scandal won’t make any real difference. I know that the believers will continue to believe. I know that in the fullness of time the current Pope (who I’ve always viewed as something of a seat-warmer), will die and his replacement will probably be someone who has at least heard of the Enlightenment, but really I doubt that the culture of corruption and evil that permeates the upper-levels of the church will change much. It’d take something akin to Vatican II to bring real reform and that doesn’t appear to be on the radar.

I would however ask the church to remember this: there was a time in England where there was much discussion of the role of civil authority versus church authority. It ended with the Psychotic Bastard Church the Anglican Church being formed which cost the Catholic church a great deal of power, prestige and money. History has a way of repeating itself.

What’s Up With South Korean Gamers?

You’ve probably all heard about people in South Korea having an unfortunate tendency to play online until they die. Well, today I saw something on Slate about a couple who let their baby starve to death while playing on line. Imagine my surprise, or lack of same, when I found they were also in South Korea.

What is it with these idiots? Is this some kind of stupid cultural difference between us and them? I won’t lie; I know there’s gamers here who take it to extremes, but it seems that in a lot of Asia, especially Korea, they’ve taken gaming insanity and made it into an art form.

Look, Koreans, I know you folks love your online gaming. Goodness knows, I enjoy it, too. But there’s a limit! I don’t want to be one of those who will bitch at you and tell you to go out and get some sun, but in this case? Go out and get some sun! Oh, and feed your kid while you’re at it.

Cancer Patient Goes Missing

I think most of us, if we had cancer, would be smart and do the intelligent thing by getting medical treatment. I think we’d especially do that if the medical treatment in question gave us a 90% chance of survival versus no-treatment odds of 5%.

Sadly, some people are fucking morons who don’t believe in science or medicine. They’re free to remove themselves from the gene pool as far as I’m concerned, but they are not free to make martyrs of their children.

I wrote about this a few days ago in the context of a thirteen-year-old boy with an easily treatable form of cancer and his batshit nuts mother who wants to kill him treat him with “alternative” “medicine”.

A judge in that case ordered the boy to go into cancer treatment. His mother got cranky about this and has now kidnapped the boy and fled with him. So now this boy isn’t getting medical treatment and is on the run with no access to any kind of real medical care.

Why, oh why, are morons like this even allowed to have children? I’m sure she’s doing what she thinks is best, but if I thought what was best was shooting her in the head to prevent her from breeding again, I’d be arrested for murder. She’s metaphorically shooting her son in the head by not allowing him to get medical care and if he dies, she should, perhaps, be arrested for muder.

Either way, I hope she turns herself in soon. This boy needs help!