Prop 8 and Prop 102

So America hates gay people. It’s hard to think there might be anything else at work here. Prop 8 in California, which would destroy legal marriages and break up families, passed last night, as did Prop 102 here in Arizona. Both of these are amendments, and so not subject to any court oversight, except by the Supreme Court.

I have some choice words for the people who voted in favor of these bigotted, homophobic initiatives, as well as ones who voted for similiar bills nationwide, including more bills to prevent marriage and a bill in Arkansas to prevent gay couples from adopting children.

Yes, I have some choice words, but you know what? You’ve all heard them before. They’re the same sad, miserable, unhappy words that we’ve all said since before Stonewall.

But here’s my choice words for gay Republicans out there: you done pretending yet? You get it? Your party hates you. Democrats are no angels when it comes to gay marriage, but they do tend to support gay adoption. Obama has said he’d lift “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, and let gays serve openly. He’s also at least in favor of gay civil unions nationwide.

The Republicans, on the other hand? They don’t want gays adopting children, they don’t want even civil unions and they certainly don’t want gays in “their” military. In short, they want us to have as few rights as possible. They use us as a wedge issue to get votes. They make denying us equal rights a major part of their platform.

So you gay Republicans get it yet? It doesn’t matter that you favor lower taxes. It doesnt’ matter that you favor a strong national defense. All that matters is you like the same gender, and because of that the GOP hates you and will do everything they can to keep you from getting more rights and to strip away the ones you already have.

You get it yet?