John McCain – Profiles in Spinelessness

John McCain is someone for whom I used to have quite a bit of respect. Then came the 2008 presidential election, and that went out the window.


The man who inflicted Sarah Palin on us.

McCain is currently displaying a case of spinelessness when it comes to Donald Trump. He’s doing all the, “Oh, he’s said terrible things, but I still support him,” nonsense. This after Trump advocated torture, war crimes, and other assorted nastiness.

And why? McCain is running in a reasonably tough primary. That’s it. He’s supporting Trump because he’s afraid that if he doesn’t, he’ll be voted out of office.

So having already sullied his legacy by everything he did in the 2008 election, and everything he’s done since, he’s now continuing to wreck it by supporting Donald Trump.

You know, I don’t expect McCain to come out in support of Hillary, though I think he should. I think everyone who stands against Trump, and is a Republican, ought to say to vote Hillary for president and vote Republican for everything else. But McCain doesn’t even have to do that. All he has to do is disavow Trump completely, and if he does so before the primary election, I’ll get some respect back for him.

Some. Not much.

You know who I have developed a grudging respect for? My other senator, Jeff Flake. Not someone that I like or agree with, but he’s at least standing up to Trump. For that, I can have some respect.

For the spineless wimp that McCain has become? No.


John McCain – Warmongering Buffoon

John McCain is a man I once respected. He seemed like a decent, moderate Republican. The sort that I might disagree with, but could still think highly of.

Then came the 2008 Presidential Election. That was when he pandered, shamelessly, to the worst aspects of the Republican party, and when it came time to make the most important choice of his political life, that of vice-president, he picked a clueless jackass who he’d only barely ever met or talked to. Since then he’s basically disintegrated ever further, and now has just become a warmongering buffoon, almost a parody of what he used to be.

His current suggestion is that we should start arming the Ukrainian military in their fight against Russia/Russian-backed revolutionaries. This comes in the wake of a Malaysian Airlines plane being shot down over Ukraine, apparently by the revolutionaries (on a side note, I’d hate to be the insurance company that covers MA right now). This idea is, to put it mildly, irresponsible and stupid.

Does McCain forget what generally happens when we fight proxy wars against Russia/the Soviet Union? It usually ends badly for pretty much everyone involved (here, here, here). Does he really think that further destabilizing an already unstable situation is really wise? Does he really believe that turning a brush fire into a firestorm is a good idea?

McCain is, in a word, a buffoon. We are lucky as hell he didn’t get elected in 2008, because if he did, we’d likely have troops not just in Iraq and Afghanistan, but also Iran, Syria, and now possibly Ukraine, plus God knows how many other places. He wasn’t suited to be president. At this point, he’s not even suited to be a Senator. He’s barely suited to be dog catcher. I really hope that we change our senators soon.

An Early Christmas Present – UPDATED

So it goes… the Senate has finally voted to end debate and allow voting on a bill to repeal Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Finally.

This comes after John McCain stood before the Senate and basically said that allowing gays to serve openly would result in soldiers having their legs blown off. I don’t imagine that legs are what would be getting blown, but it’s good to see that Old Man Bitter hasn’t given up the fight yet. I hope everyone who is gay and voted for him back in November, particularly a friend of mine, feel suitably betrayed by this jackass.

Sadly the Senate did not move forward on the so-called DREAM Act, which would allow illegal aliens brought here as kids by their parents a chance to contribute and have their status normalized. The bill would have required them to serve in the military or go to college. It’s not a perfect bill (I think they should just be allowed to stay regardless of school or the military), but it’s better than what we have now. The Senate also has yet to move forward on START, for reasons that baffle me.

But still. We have progress on DADT. Finally.

*** UPDATE ***

The Senate will vote on a full repeal at 3pm EST today. Special congratulations and thanks to the Republicans who voted in favor of ending the debate: Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine, Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Mark Kirk of Illinois, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, and George Voinovich of Ohio.

*** UPDATE 2 ***

It’s done. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, will be a thing of the past once Obama signs off on it.

About fucking time.

John McCain: Murderer?

John McCain used to be a pilot for the United States Navy during the Vietnam War. This war was undeclared, illegal and by most definitions its mere execution was a war crime. Yet John McCain knowingly participated in this war, flying several combat missions which no doubt resulted in the deaths of many.

John McCain – Washington insider, hypocrite… murderer?

Well, of course not. Of course he’s not a murderer. Yes, he no doubt killed dozens, if not hundreds, of people, at least some civilian, while a pilot in Vietnam. Yes, it was an illegal, undeclared war that we had no business being a part of. Yes, pretty much everything we did there was a war crime by the mere fact we were doing it. But the fact that he was a participant in the war does not make him a murderer.

Also, despite the fact that the McCain campaign seems to feel otherwise, J D Hayworth’s shilling for a company that turned out to be violating several laws does not make him a “huckster”.

This is an incredibly disingenuous ad. I’m sure Hayworth, for all his many, many failings, didn’t know the company was engaged in fraud. He was a hired spokesman for them, that’s all. It’s not like he was on the board of directors or anything like that. His being involved with them might have showed poor judgment, but that’s about it.

This is an ad for the Republican Party primary coming up next month, so it’s largely got nothing to do with me. I hope McCain loses because I don’t see Hayworth winning state wide, but since I haven’t seen a single Hayworth ad, I’m sure McCain will win (but probably not by much).

Either way, I’ve lost all respect for the man.

The Runner-Up In the 2008 Election

I am no great fan of John McCain. The rest of you can forget about the horrible campaign he waged in 2008 and how he inflicted Sarah Palin on the world, but we here in Arizona cannot.

Now he’s in a new electoral fight against JD Hayworth, a former Congressman and current right-wing talk show host. He’s exactly what you’d expect him to be, and the antithesis of what McCain was prior to the 2008 elections.

McCain is actually having to campaign for office this time around, so he’s began airing ads here in Arizona. If you haven’t seen ’em, you’re about to.

Blah, where to start? First off, war hero my ass. His great achievement was surviving his third plane crash and being taken prisoner. Now yes, he did refuse early release and that was a good thing, but come on, dude. It was 40 years ago! Haven’t you got anything better to campaign on than this?

Second, “Arizona’s last line of defense.” Against what, pray? JD Hayworth is even more conservative than McCain. One would think the GOP would love to have him in office.

Lastly, “character matters”. Yes, it does. Character to do things like not pick probably the least-qualified running mate in the history of American major-party politics, let her run circles around you in the media, not force her to actually give press conferences, flip-flop on a lot of what you claim to believe, sell-out the little guy in the name of big business and do whatever you can to block banking and health care reforms. Yes, this is some real character.

God, what an ass. I hope Hayworth does beat him in the primaries, because I’m pretty sure the Democrats can trounce him in November. Even if McCain does get elected, I’m pretty sure it’ll be his last term, then he’ll step aside.

Now that would be real service to our country.

Republicans: Soft On Crime!

Apparently there are certain members of the GOP who believe if you commit a crime, you shouldn’t be punished. In fact, the crime shouldn’t even be investigated. In fact, maybe it wasn’t even a crime at all!

Yes, kids, we’re back to torture talk! And today the president said he’d leave the issue of possible criminal charges to his AG, Eric Holder. This is exactly correct and exactly what he should do.

Of course this displeases the GOP who are trying to paint this as a partisan issue. John McCain, who should know better and who previously, like a couple days ago, called waterboarding “torture” (thereby putting him a step above Katie Couric on The CBS Evening News), said the adminstration should be “… looking forward to solutions, not backward to recriminations.”

Well, sure, why not? Why not let the guilty go free? Heck, let’s just adopt this as national policy from here on out. So the next time there’s something like the Holocaust? Pft. Look foward, not back. The next Pol Pot? We need to put recriminations behind us.

We need to go foward with this. We need to cleanse our national conscience on this one. Those who broke the law must pay.

Do not allow the GOP to be soft on this crime!

Poll – Oh, Like You Can’t Guess What This Is!