The bin Laden Photos

So there’s a big discussion going on about if the photos of dead bin Laden should be released (and for those curious about his full name, read this). The White House says it won’t happen. People in Congress have seen them. Other people have seen them. I’m giving it no later than November before they leak.

I do think, for the record, that we should be allowed to see them. First, we have a right to. It’s a free society and a democracy and we have the right to see what our government has done in our name. I suppose these could be classified, but there’s no real reason they should be. Second, frankly we paid good money for this outcome. We’ve spent a couple trillion dollars we didn’t really have to fight the war in Afghanistan and the one in Iraq. We deserve to be allowed to see how our money was spent.

On a side note, I learned today that apparently the SEAL team that did the attack was beamed down from a Starfleet vessel and presumably used phasers and bat’leths to get the job done.



taH pagh taHbe’

Ever wanted to see Hamlet in the original Klingon? Yeah, me either. But someone apparently wanted to!

Qa’pla! Or Possibly Not

So some dink has decided it’s a good idea to spend the first three years of his son’s life speaking to him only in Klingon. Yikes!

I haven’t any real problem with the idea of speaking Klingon to the kid, I guess, as long as the boy is picking up English as well. Otherwise I imagine school would be something of a chore, since as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any schools that offer courses in Klingon.

More Klingon Video Stuff

A couple weeks ago I posted up a weird video of Klingon propaganda. Now there’s a follow-up video to it.

This Is Some Kind of Genius

I don’t know what this video is for, but I likes it! Amusingly, someone in the comments section seems to feel this video is a slam on people from Turkey. Seriously!

Which brings me to my dream last night. No, I didn’t dream I was testifying before Congress in my Maidenform bra, instead I dreamed, no fooling, that I was at a conference on cultural issues for the Turkic speaking peoples of the Black Sea region. This came complete with a proud announcement by the MC that they’d for some reason helped provide money to produce an animated version of the old TV series Perfect Strangers. It also included music by various Turkic musicians and lots of appearances by the letter “y”.

It was a very, very odd dream.


I can’t tell if this is a serious website or not. Klingons for Christ. Indeed.