The 9/11 Cross Issue

Well, as you may have heard, an atheist group is filing a lawsuit to stop the display of a cross at the 9/11 Memorial. The cross itself was a piece of the World Trade Center that happened to form a cross shape and land in a cross-like position. It’s utter coincidence and I’m sure there were many of these, but, well, you know Christians.

Here’s my thoughts on this, and they’re pretty simple: If it’s on private property, the atheist group needs to knock it off. You can display whatever you want on private property. If, on the other hand, it’s on public property, that’s a different matter. Under previous court rulings, you can indeed display religious icons and such on public property, but if you do, you have to allow all religions.

Now I actually think that would be an ok compromise for a memorial. You can have a Christian cross, a Jewish star, a Muslim crescent, a Hindu wheel, a…oh, wait. A Muslim crescent?

Yes, let’s imagine the hue and cry that would errupt from that. You think it was bad during “Ground Zero” “Mosque” “Debate”? Just imagine if you had a Muslim symbol at the 9/11 memorial! Never mind that a lot of Muslims worked in the towers and died along with everyone else. I think Fox News would collectively explode.

So bottom line: if this is on private land, the lawsuit needs to stop. If it’s on public land, the cross needs to go away or you have to allow all religions, including Muslims, to display their religious imagery. I’m comfortable either way.


The Taco Bell Situation

As you have no doubt heard, Taco Bell is being sued for false advertising by someone who says calling their meat product “beef” when it’s only 35% beef is misleading.

You know, I can’t force myself to get too worked-up over this. Yes, if it’s not at least 50.001% beef, then calling it such is misleading and should probably stop. I’m not sure what they can call it instead, but whatever they decide to call it, there’s one thing I have to say about it: it’s pretty darn tasty.

Yes, I like Taco Bell food. In fact, it’s about the only “Mexican” food I do like. I find it tasty and filling and quite cheap. Learning that I have been eating what amounts to almost vegetarian tacos over the years doesn’t really bug me. If nothing else it’s proof that meatless, or low-meat, foods can be quite delicious, something I learned a few years back when I spent a few months on a vegetarian diet.

So, yes, by all means change what it’s called, but beyond that, no one should be up in arms over this. All that really matters is that it tastes pretty darn good!

Foxhole Atheists

Another interesting CNN article has been posted. This time it’s about an atheist suing the US military and government over discrimination because of his lack of faith.

I’ve talked about this issue before, and I’m totally unsurprised there’s a lawsuit pending now. Needless to say, I hope it wins. We really don’t need the military to be a Christian army.