Speakin’ of the Gays

There’s something seriously wrong with the Republican Party in this country. The fact that I think that will come as no surprise. Of the many things that are wrong with them, I think their stance on gay rights is the most egregious. They’ll spout off all sorts of anti-gay marriage rhetoric, for example, on the basis of states’ rights (something that was used to decry civil rights for blacks), and they’ll use a fear of gay marriage to get votes. This isn’t even going into things like gay adoption or today’s end to DADT. It’s really quite sad.

Compare and contrast with the Conservative Party over in the UK. That party, led by David Cameron, the Prime Minister, is backing gay marriage. They’re doing it on the basis of conservative arguments, like supporting families and stabilizing relationships. They’re doing this because it’s the right thing to do.

It’s fascinating to me to see what a real “conservative” party is like, and how unlike the Republican Party they really are. The UK Conservatives recognize reality and deal with the world in realistic terms, understanding the art of compromise. The Republican Party, by contrast, lives in a fantasy land where dogma is always more important than dealing with the real world.

I hope the Conservatives win the day on this one. Good luck, UK!


Colombia: Now Better on Gay Rights Than America!

Colombia’s high court has given their congress two years to pass laws that allow same-sex marriage. In case you’re keeping score, the United States Supreme Court hasn’t done anything in that direction.

This is a great thing for the people of Colombia, the people of South America and for anyone interested in equality. It also means that Colombia now ranks higher than the US when it comes to gay rights. So now in addition to large portions of Europe, we’re also being outdone by Colombia, Argentina, Mexico (sort of), and that historical bastion of equality, South Africa. Well done, America, well done.

Life’s Gentle Ironies

Indiana court refuses to grant same-sex divorce. We all know divorce is the real threat to marriage, so I assume the conservatives are happy.

Actually, this does raise a good question for those who are against same-sex marriage. In the places where it is legal, do you favor same-sex divorce, or do you hold that once people are legally married, regardless of the circumstances involved, they should stay married?