So What’s Next?

Bye-bye, ya bastard.

Professional bastard, all-around jerk and the man who puts the “dick” in “dictator”, Hosni Mubarak, has resigned. At last.

What’s next for Egypt? The military is currently in charge. I sincerely hope that won’t last, and I don’t think it will. They don’t strike me as being stupid enough to try and maintain power. If they have free, democratic, internationally-monitored elections soon, that will be wonderful.

What’s next beyond that? In the short term I expect more hand-wringing on the part of the Right in America, paranoid that Muslim terrorists will be elected to office. That is possible, but I think it’s unlikely. I also think that in the short term we’ll see a hell of a lot more “revolutions” in the region. Watch for Yemen, Algeria, Libya and possibly Iran to have major problems in the next few months. In my wildest and wettest Saudi Arabia also has massive protests and their evil regime collapses.

In the long term, I think we’ll see a real move towards democracy in the region. This is a part of the world with a young population that’s starting to realize what a major screw-job their leaders are giving them. I imagine that from Iran to Morocco we’ll see a real shift in power from the dictators to the masses. It won’t always be pretty and it won’t always give us a result that we in America want, but it’s going to happen.

A couple other thoughts on the broader issues here. We need to stop propping up evil, repressive regimes simply to make ourselves feel safe. It is entirely unethical and certainly goes against American principles. We cannot continue to allow millions upon millions of people to live in terror simply to provide ourselves with an illusion of security. Even if it were giving us actual security to have the vast majority of the Middle East run as a police state, that’s still not good enough. We have to help them as much as we can to have the same rights and freedoms we enjoy. If along the way that makes our short-term security situation far more interesting, well, such is life.

And lastly, I was listing to someone on CNN talking last night about torture being used by the Mubarak regime, and it saddened me on a couple levels. Obviously, it’s quite sad and horrific that people were being tortured in Egypt. But it’s also very sad that we haven’t a leg to stand on with this issue. Thanks to Bush and Cheney we became a nation that used torture. We claim we did it for the “right” reasons and that the people who were being tortured essentially had it coming. I’m sure that’s what the Egyptian police said, too. But we can’t condemn it anymore. No one will listen. They’ll just point out the fact that we did it, too. It’s a great shame for this nation and one of many reasons we need to put Bush and Cheney on trial.

I wish the Egyptian people great success in the upcoming weeks! Keep an eye on your military and don’t let them have a hand in running the country once things are stable. One of the best, smartest things George Washington did was to resign from the military when becoming president. Don’t let your new leadership replace one dictator for another.


Bye-Bye Mubarak?

Various media sources are reporting that Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak will probably step down in the next few hours. This would then result in power being turned over, at least temporarily, to the military.

I have somewhat mixed feelings here. If he’s going to be gone, I’m very pleased. But I’d rather not have the military take over. That sort of thing seldom leads anywhere good. On the other hand, if is indeed just temporary it might not be too bad of an idea. They can come in, get order restored and then hold open and free elections.

Either way, I hope the rest of the region is taking many and copious notes. Tunisia and Egypt down. Libya, Algeria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and others still to go… good luck, guys.