CNN Strangeness

It’s never a good thing when a news network is, itself, in the news. In the case of CNN they’ve been up to their eyeballs lately with two odd news stories.

The first centers around Rick Sanchez, a man I’ve always enjoyed watching. He seems quite smart, he’s very capable and I enjoyed his show. Sadly, he came out swinging recently against Jon Stewart of The Daily Show and had some bizarre remarks about Jews running the networks and has now been fired.

Now of course Jon Stewart has teased Rick Sanchez a time or two on his show, but I always figured it was fairly good-natured. If nothing else it probably got more people to watch Sanchez’s TV show.

As far as the “Jews run the networks” thing, eh. So? Even if every TV network were owned by someone who was Jewish, which they aren’t, big deal. The way Sanchez was talking about it, and the way others do when they speak of it this way, there’s some big evil Zionist conspiracy against the gentiles or whatever. It’s silly and stupid.

I hope Rick Sanchez is able to do something good in the future. I did really like his show and I’ll miss watching it. I assume this was simply a bad moment for him, perhaps at the end of a really bad day, and hopefully things will get better.

Meantime on the other end of things, James O’Keefe, best known as the moron behind the ACORN v Pimp videos where he selectively edited footage of him dressed as a pimp getting financial planning advice from ACORN employees (he’s never to my knowledge released the unedited video), has been caught up in a really weird story. Apparently he had some cunning master plan to seduce a CNN reporter and… do something with the resulting video footage. It’s really unclear what his plans were other than to make CNN look bad.

This guy’s clearly an unethical twit. The sad part is that all this is likely to do is make him more of a darling to the right who continue to embrace the likes of Andrew Breitbart, another unethical swine and the man who went after Shirley Sherrod (and who has actually called-out O’Keefe).

Hopefully CNN will soon stop being the subject of news and will go back to covering it. They’ve done a great job recently with things like the Chris Armstrong case coverage on AC 360, where an assistant attorney general in Michigan has been engaging in some strange vendetta against a university student council president.

I’ve torn into CNN a lot over the last couple years, but I’m pleased they’re making at least some progress. Let’s hope it continues.