Sic Transit Paul Spragg

Today someone you probably never heard of died. His name was Paul Spragg, and he was one of the main people at Big Finish, the company I shill for on a regular basis. He did a lot for them, handling customer inquiries, editing their fan magazine and doing a podcast, among other duties. He also handled people like me, the critics who received Big Finish products to review. He was my point of contact with the company, and he and I had a fairly enjoyable and entertaining email relationship. He was always a pleasant, polite guy, who was very enthusiastic about setting me up with the latest new releases, and supporting things like my annual Big Finish panel at Phoenix Comicon. Each year, he’d send out a prize package for me to give away, which I always appreciated.

Beyond his relationship with Big Finish and my email relationship with him, I never knew all that much about Paul on a personal level. I don’t know how old he was, for example. But I do know that he was a great guy to correspond with, and that I’m going to miss opening up emails from him.

The second-to-last post on his Facebook page simply had a picture of him with Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, and the words, “I’m going off on an adventure.” How very appropriate.

Goodbye, Paul.

Goodbye, Paul.