I Think I Just Threw Up in My Mouth

So quick question for you all. What’s the most persecuted majority in this country? That’s right. Christians.

What a horrible little trailer for a horrible-looking little movie. Needless to say this is one I won’t be watching. I thought about doing one of my enjoyable little point-by-point refutations, explaining how, no, not all the Founders were Christian, and atheists don’t hate God, because that’s like hating the Tooth Fair, but fuck it. It’s not worth the effort.

I will say, however, that I’m sick of this “poor little us” routine from a majority group that consists of better than 80% of the American population. Jerkasses.


Atheist Persecution

There’s certain people out there who don’t believe atheists suffer any persecution in America. Heck, there’s those out there who believe Christians are actually the persecuted minority, which is hilarious on many levels.

Anyhow, atheists do suffer persecution. Don’t believe me? Check this article. It’s all about an atheist teacher who Christians are trying to hound from his job. Charming.