“Justice” in Saudi Arabia

Our allies in Saudi Arabia (you know, the people we absolutely love, adore and lavish praise upon despite having many, many good reasons not to), are trying to punish a man who paralyzed another man in a fight. Their idea of a good punishment? Having a doctor render the man in question paralyzed as well.


What a terrible, awful country. You don’t do things like that to people, you just don’t. This clearly has nothing to do with justice, it’s just about revenge, retribution and pain. Society as a whole does not improve by having this man rendered a burden on the rest of the country (and yes, I know that in better, more civilized nations he wouldn’t be, but we’re taking about Saudi Arabia here, where civilization has been dead for centuries).

This is a terrible aberration of justice and I really sincerely hope no doctor will cooperate.


Yet More Evil From Saudi Arabia

We see once again that the Saudis are going to of their way to prove just how evil religion can be, especially in the form of a theocracy. You see, there’s an eight-year-old girl there who wants to get divorced and the courts won’t let her.

I don’t know exactly where to begin with just how evil this is. Yes, the man she was forced to marry, who is 47, has said he won’t have sex with her until puberty, but this is still abominable behavior.

Of course this is what you get when you have a society as soaked in evil religious beliefs as Saudi Arabia. You can’t expect rational behavior from a group of people who have a whole set of irrational beliefs, and yes, I hold other people to that same standard, btw, no matter what religious group you are a part of.

There is some hope for the little girl, apparently. The courts have ruled that she’s allowed to petition for divorce when she’s reached puberty. Well, how kind. In the meantime, she gets to be basically owned by this older man.

Once again we see religion is evil and inspires people to do evil acts.

Saudi Arabia – America’s BFF!

First read this article. Now explain to me why, exactly, we are still friends with these people? Yes, we need the oil, but that’s not good enough. When we remain allies with the likes of Saudi Arabia it doesn’t make us look strong to the common people of the world; it makes it look weak. It makes us look like we’re their bitch and we’ll roll over and allow them to do whatever evil they want without us issuing even a token challenge.

What a fucking barbaric, backwards nation Saudi Arabia is. And what a horribly hypocritical nation we are for supporting them. What an awful, evil religion that encourages such activities.

Our Wonderful Ally, Saudi Arabia!

So our allies Saudi Arabia (you remember them. The oppressive autocratic theocracy that executes criminals for just about everything, forbids all sorts of things, including gay sex, punishes what it doesn’t kill people for with things like flogging, oppresses women, doesn’t allow non-Muslim religious organizations, etc), have reached a new low, even for them.

A judge in Saudi Arabia has announced he would not annul the marriage of an eight-year-old girl and her forty-seven-year-old pedophile husband.

Ah, so good to see the company we keep. We’re allies with these people, folks. They are completely the antithesis of everything this country claims to stand for and believe in and we’re allied with them.

And we wonder why the world hates us.

A Chance to Hope

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia made some startling comments recently. He said Muslims are damaging Islam, and made some comments of the sort that have landed more than a few bloggers and journalists in jail. I don’t know that his statements will have any lasting impact, but I hope they do.