Pansexuals; or, You’re Bi, Get Over Yourself

I happened across a chart the other day. I don’t know who owns it, so I don’t want to post it, but it was a pie-chat divided into thirds. One third was labeled “penis”, one third was labeled “vagina” and one third was labeled “other”. The title was “Why I’m a pansexual.”

Pansexuality, for those of you not up on such things, and why would you be?, is essentially bisexuality with an air of pretension. It’s a term tossed-around by the kind of people who will use the word “genderqueer” at you with malice aforethought. It’s the notion that there’s more than two genders and that the pansexual is someone who would be willing to have sexual relations with those other genders. It’s what Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood is best described as.

This is a very silly concept. Look, there’s only two genders; male and female. There aren’t any others that we know of. Sure, there’s people who are transgendered, but someone who is, say, male-to-female is not a different gender. Hermaphrodites or people with uncertain genitals are also not a different gender, they’re just people with birth defects. This does not make them any less worthy of our respect and good treatment, but a mutation does not another gender make.

Captain Jack as a pansexual is something I can accept, because he’s from the far distant future and has probably met (ie: shagged), beings of several different genders. But he’s fictional and until we have actual evidence of more than two genders, so is pansexuality. If people really wanna call themselves pansexuals, well, more power to them, I suppose, but they’ll have to put up with a lot of eye-rolling from me.


Achievement Unlocked!

If you play video games like World of Warcraft or PS3 or Xbox 360 games, you’re doubtless familiar with the achievements you can earn. Usually these are points of some sort and do… well, fuck all, really. You might as well have spent your time fapping. What’s fapping you might ask? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the sound (fap, fap, fap), often associated with a particular activity… and now you can get achievements for it!

Click it to make it bigger! Aw, yeah!

For the record, 38 achievements for me. 😉

Takei v McCance

I’ll let the video speak for itself.

It Even Includes Con Sex!

Which is, I promise you, a whole different species of sex. Chart explained here.

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A Reply to Jonolan

I recently wrote an article about Israel’s interception of a flotilla of ships that were trying to get around the blockade of Palestine. This resulted in some lively comments from an anti-Muslim blogger named Jonolan. The most interesting one is reproduced below:

There’s not a single Muslim country that doesn’t execute homosexuals and there’s not a single Muslim country where their populace seems, by and large, to have a problem with that.

The following countries have Muslim majorities and do not punish homosexuality at all:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Iraq (since 2003. See, our invasion was good for something after all!)
Indonesia (legal in all but one state, and then the laws apply only to Muslims)

So by my count that’s thirteen countries that are majority Islam where homosexuality isn’t even illegal. This is a somewhat larger number than zero.

Here’s a list of majority Muslin countries where homosexuality is illegal but is not punished by the death penalty.

Burkina Faso
The Gambia
Nigeria (illegal throughout the country, punished by death only in, yes, areas controlled by Sharia law. Does that make you feel better?)
Sierra Leone
Eritrea (almost exactly half the country is Muslim and almost exactly half is Christian, so I’ll count it on both lists. Both, you say? Oh, just wait)
Tanzania (split almost exactly in thirds between Muslims, Christians and indigenous religions, so look for it on the other list as well)
Cameroon (also split between Muslims and Christians, so, yes, other list)
Turkmenistan (legal for women, illegal for men)
Uzbekistan (anal sex is illegal, but everything else seems fine)
Palestine (so, yes, illegal there, at least in places. See this article for details)
The Maldives

So that’s another 30 where it’s illegal but doesn’t carry the death penalty. So far we’re looking at a total of 43 Muslim-majority countries where homosexuality is not punished by death.

Now let’s look at those Muslim-majority countries where homosexuality is illegal and is punishable by death.

Nigeria (in parts)
Saudi Arabia (a staunch US ally, btw)
United Arab Emirates

So, that’s eight. Of the Muslim-majority countries where I could find the information, which is a total of 51, there’s eight that practice the death penalty for homosexuality, at least officially. How often it’s actually enforced in a place like the UAE could be another matter. Let’s review what Jonolan said:

There’s not a single Muslim country that doesn’t execute homosexuals and there’s not a single Muslim country where their populace seems, by and large, to have a problem with that.

Thirteen where it’s legal, thirty where it’s illegal but doesn’t carry the death penalty and eight where it’s illegal but does. It’s also worth noting that Albania is discussing the legalization of gay marriage. Several of these countries also have anti-discrimination laws.

Now for fun, let’s look at a list of majority Christian nations where homosexuality is illegal and not punished by death (and yes, I’m not going to bother listing the ones where it’s legal. A: that’s less fun, and B: there’s just too many Christian-majority nations to do):

Tanzania (see, I told you you’d see those countries listed again!)
Liberia (settled by former slaves from the USA. I guess they learned a lot from our country, where homosexuality was illegal in several states until 2004)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
São Tomé and Príncipe
Malawi (a shocker, I know)
Seychelles (illegal for men only)
Uganda (which is trying to pass laws that would include the death penalty)
Zambia (male only)
Zimbabwe (male only)
Swaziland (male only)
Belize (male only)
Antigua and Barbuda
Grenada (male only)
Jamaica (male only)
St Kitts and Nevis (male only)
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Trinidad and Tobago
Guyana (male only… again)
Solomon Islands
Papua New Guinea
Kiribati (wanna guess which gender this applies to?)
Tonga (male only)
Tuvalu (male only)

(source for all the above information)

So that’s thirty-seven majority Christian nations that outlaw homosexuality. None of them punish it by death, at least not officially, but Uganda is certainly trying their best to change that, and, like I said up above, remember that it was illegal in several US states until Lawrence v Texas in 2004. Yes, it took a Supreme Court ruling to change the laws here; it wasn’t done by the people of those states just deciding to do the right thing.

The interesting thing to note here is that the problem isn’t Islam per se, it’s religion in general. The countries that make homosexuality a crime are those where religion and ignorance dominate. Heck, in my research I even found a couple majority Hindu countries that outlaw homosexuality. This is not a problem that’s exclusive to Islam.

So I think I’ve dealt with that part of the comment nicely. What’s the next part? Oh, yes.

Similarly, you’re an Atheist and a “militant” one. That’s a capital offense in most, if not all, Muslim countries as well and, again, their populace seems, by and large, don’t have a problem with that..

I’m a militant atheist? In what way? I’ve never called for religion to be illegal. I think it should be eliminated from the world’s culture, but I’d do that through eduction and learning, not through guns or laws. Now you did put that in quotes, so I know you didn’t mean it in the military sense of the word “militant”, but I’m not sure in what way you do mean it.

Also, the following Christian countries have laws against blasphemy. 😉

Ireland (this one has gotten some attention lately)
The Netherlands
New Zealand

Admittedly it’s unenforced in most of these countries, but you get the idea. Also I’m willing to bet that, if polled, most American’s would be in favor of anti-blasphemy laws here in the USA.

Ah, but you mentioned specifically Muslim countries. Yes, it’s illegal in a great many, though not punished by death in most and not illegal in all. I’m just not in the mood to type up another long list.

Let’s go to the last line of the comment:

So why side with them?

I’m not, exactly. I’m saying there’s plenty of blame to go around. I’m saying Israel has done some very evil things in the last few years aided and abetted by the USA. I’m saying that collective punishment against an entire group of people is a bad thing. I also understand that Israel has the right to defend themselves and that terrorism is bad no matter who is doing it.

And yes, I’ll stand up happily for the rights of people who would gladly have me horribly murdered for my sexual preferences and/or atheism. Why?

Because I’m a better person than they are.

Yes, He Helped Cover it Up

So there now appears to be complete proof that the current Pope, when he was in other positions within the church, helped to cover up rape and torture of children doing so for the good of the church. What a slimeball.

To Catholics: look, I don’t honestly care if you people want this man in charge. Sure, he helped obstruct justice and assisted in the rape, torture and molestation of children, and currently puts me in mind of Emperor Palpatine, but so what? If you guys really think he’s the person who best represents your church on Earth, so be it.

But if you’re smart, you’ll start withholding all your donations to the church until this asshat is gone from the Papacy. Also, you might want to shop around a bit. There’s still plenty of other churches are that are anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-choice and anti-birth control.

In Today’s Issue of Unsurprising News

Ricky Martin has come out. Cue the sounds of shock and surprise, etc. I guess that’s one advantage to having your career stall: you no longer need to be appealing to all the women out there.