TV Review – Star Trek: Discovery – S1E5

Choose your pain! I choose to continue to watch Discovery, despite the fact that I should, by now, know better.

This episode was an improvement over previous ones. There were some little moments that I liked, and Rainn Wilson is quite good at playing a character we once saw on the original series. There was also a wonderful little moment of continuity that, at last, canonized the character of Robert April.

But just as I was starting to warm up, along comes the stupid. Here’s my usual spoileriffic list of questions!


First question: why would you allow a prisoner to keep that many rings?

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TV Review – Star Trek Discovery – S01E04

Ever wonder why I’m not putting titles for these episodes? Because a pretentious title like the ones we’ve seen lately deserves no praise, no accolades, and no recognition.

Oh, well. On with the review. Spoilers ahoy. Etc.

Also, why are transparent monitors a thing? So useless.

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TV Review: Star Trek: Discovery – 1.03

Well, that was awful.

Yes, I’d held out hope that somehow the third episode would be better than the first two. That once we got to see the “real” crew and characters, we’d get something better, interesting, and, indeed, watchable.

We did not. Spoilers ahoy!


At least the outfit’s color is correct!

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Discovery Opening Credits

I feel a bit of deja vu here…

TV Review – Star Trek Discovery Episodes 1.01 and 1.02

I have seen the first two episodes of Discovery. Here is my very spoileriffic review.

And it is not the review I wanted to write.

I love Star Trek. Back when I was a kid, I grew up watching TOS. I know I saw Star Wars in the theater in 1977 (or maybe during the re-release in 1978), but I don’t remember those. I DO remember seeing The Motion Picture in early 1980.

Whenever I had a birthday party, my mom would rent a VCR (yes, that was a thing), and we’d rent video tapes to go along with it. If I wasn’t watching the David Warner trifecta (Tron, Time After Time and Time Bandits), I was watching The Wrath of Khan. Great movie.

I really began to embrace Trek with The Voyage Home, and then along came TNG. Excited? Oh, yes. And I quite enjoyed the show. I fell in love with Deep Space Nine, occasionally liked Voyager, and watched Enterprise, which of itself puts me in rare company.

The less said about Star Trek Into Darkness, the better, but the other two movies were very good in their own way, if full of occasional unnecessary stupidity.

So when Discovery was announced, I was very excited! A new Trek series! Strange new worlds, new life, new civilizations, and best of all, an optimistic future that runs counter to the fucking nonsense we get in most sci-fi these days. And, hey, Bryan Fuller, who makes some very good TV, was involved, and so was Nicholas Meyer! What could be better?


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Discovering a Crew

CBS has announced three of the cast members for the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery.

From what I know of these actors, which isn’t a huge amount, it seems like a good cast. The casting of Yeoh is a slight eye-roll, since it’s clearly designed to appeal to the burgeoning Chinese market. But there are worse things. Jones is a fine enough actor, and just a glimpse at Reed’s career makes it fairly clear that we’re going to have a gay mushroom fan on the show.

Beyond that I have no real thoughts on this. CBS is making terrible programming choices with this series, and if it gets past season 2 on their streaming-only service, I’ll be shocked. I don’t know anyone who plans to actually get a subscription to watch it as it “airs”. Everyone I know either plans to download it, or wait until it’s all out, get the service for a month, and then drop it. So…yeah. We’ll see, but I remain heavily skeptical.

The Human Adventure Continues

Here’s what Wikipedia looked like for 9/8/2016.


Yep, it’s been 50 years since Star Trek first appeared on America’s TV screen.

I’ve always liked Star Trek, and the various excellent spin-offs, like TNG, and Deep Space Nine. Also some other things.

Though my tastes have largely moved on, I still love and respect the show, and, yes, I’ll say what I’m expected to say. “May the series continue to live long and prosper.”