What Happens to Health Care Reform?

So now that Senator Kennedy has died the relevant question, as it’s been all summer, really, is “What do we do about health care reform?”

Kennedy was a big proponent of reforming the current (broken) system. He wanted changes put in that would protect us from the insurance companies and would provide care for everyone. It was one of his great passions and it’s a pity that he didn’t get to see it passed before he died.

But, and wretched though I feel for thinking this, his death might be the push that’s needed to finally overcome all the opposition and get it passed. There’s lots of Democrats who have been on the fence over this; the so-called “Blue Dog” democrats. If the bill that gets voted on is, for example, called “The Senator Kennedy Health Care Reform Act”, that’ll put pressure on them to pass it, as will other Democrats saying (accurately), “It’s what Kennedy would have wanted.”

I hate having to think this way, I really do. But Kennedy was a political figure and reforming health care was something he dearly wanted and that we deserve. If it takes using his death to get it passed, then so be it. I don’t know that he’d have wanted it any other way.


Sic Transit Teddy Kennedy – 1932 – 2009

I'm making damn sure this picture is positioned well to the left of center.

I'm making damn sure this picture is positioned well to the left of center.

Senator Edward “Teddy” Kennedy has died. He was the brother of Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy and the senior Senator from Massachusetts.

Kennedy was a controversial character at times. Like all the more notable Kennedys he’s had his problems, but no one can doubt that he was a dedicated, hard-working man who did his best by his state and his country.

He was the last of the great Kennedy figures; the Tier One Kennedys, if you will. Like Robert before him he tried for the Presidency and unlike John he didn’t succeed. He was a hell of a Senator, though, and will be missed.