The Latest Slightly Annoying Thing at My Work

This video has been playing constantly where I work. It’s a reasonably amusing video, but, man, am I ever sick of it.

Want to try something fun? Watch this, or really any rap video, on mute. It looks like the singer in question has some sort of palsy.


Two History Videos

For your enjoyment.

Wherein I Am Slightly Less of a Cynical Bastard

Because no one can be really cynical after viewing this video. Someone get this kid to MIT!

Smarten Yourself Up!

And enjoy doing it! Check these videos, which are each the first videos in their respective courses. I find the history ones to be more entertaining, but, well, I actually get history, and biology…I’m getting a C in my biology 100 class. This does not make for a happy person. Anyhow, here’s the vids.

The Problems of Life in the First World

Yes, I’ve been putting up a lot of videos and stuff lately. I’m hot and tired. Deal. 😛

Anyhow, this one caught my eye. Hey, yeah, third world countries! We have problems, too!

Awesome Rating – 9.5

Also, all eight of them are hot. 😀

This is the sort of thing that gives me hope for humanity. If we can do this, hell, climate change, energy resources and a bad economy don’t stand a chance against us.

How to Fix a Timeline

You remember that little movie version of Star Trek that came out a few years ago? Yeah, it wasn’t great. It was ok, but it basically ignored everything related to what had gone before, and kind of sucked. Rumours have it that sequel is in the works, and we’ll see if that is any better.

Meantime, take a look at this video where the damage to that universe’s timeline is fixed rather neatly.