Mass-Media Nonsense – Mattress Weight Doubling

Take a look at this advert.

Ok, let’s think about this claim for a few minutes. The ad says that your mattress weight essentially doubles every few years due to the amount of dead skin, sweat and dust mites. I’ve seen it touted in ads, occasionally mentioned on (usually local), news like it’s proven fact and had it told to me by a friend last year when we were both mattress shopping. Is this true?

Well, let’s consider. I went to Ikea’s website and looked up your basic spring mattress. It’s the Sultan Harestua, and it weighs 30 pounds. Now I’m not sure how much sweat and dead skin you personally slough off, but in my case I’m pretty sure it’s not 30 pounds worth (and most of the sweat would evaporate fairly quickly anyhow). Even over the course of eight years I strongly doubt that I’m leaving behind that much dead skin and sweat, and as for dust mites? Yeah, I doubt that even a fairly massive population would contribute that much to my mattress weight, and any population that is large enough would likely be big enough to see.

So these claims (which, tellingly, are from mattress companies and less frequently from pest control companies), never made much sense to me. I did some poking around on the internet and found out from Cecil Adams that, yes, these claims are quite bogus.

I guess the message here is to consider the source. If a mattress company is trying to sell you on the idea of a new mattress, they have every interest in making you think you need to replace your old one every X years. But you don’t, really, unless it’s not comfortable to sleep on anymore. That’s the only excuse you need to replace it and really, it’s the best excuse there could be.


Diet Update – March 15th

Ok, I surrender. I haven’t lost any weight this week and for now I’m done tracking it. I’m going to keep up on the diet as much as I can, but for right now I just am not really into this. I’ll restart again, probably sometime relatively soon, but for now? Naw. I’m done for now.

Diet Update – March 9th

Alrighty! Now this is a bit more like it. After last week’s irritating increase, this week we’re back down to 240 1/2. Not great, ok, and not where I should be now (my original schedule had me at about 210 by this point), but still at least it’s a drop, and I’ll take it!

I do notice I’m eating more than I have been. I chalk this up to all my free time. I gotta find a job quick! 🙂

Diet Update – March 1st

So, yeah, I kind of spaced on doing this last week. That’s for the best, since I fattened up a bit during Gallifrey One. Anyhow, I got onto the scale today and… 243.5. Three pounds up. Gack! I need to bear down and get this fixed cause, damn, I’m fat. Nothing like seeing yourself on national TV and thinking “I need to be on a wider screen.” We’ll see what happens next week.

Diet Update – February 9th

Well, here we are. That time of week again. Today’s official weight? 238.5! Yep, down a bit from last week’s 239. It’s not much, ok, but it’s something and that’s good! Any downward progress, no matter how small, gets me closer to my goal.

Diet Update – February 4th

Well, here we go, back downward! Last week, you’ll recall, I was at 240lbs, which had been an increase over the previous week. This week? Back down to 239. So not a huge difference, but anything helps! 🙂

Diet Update – January 27th

Last week I was at 239 even. This week? I gained one pound. Yep, 240. Now that’s not great, but to me the amazing thing is that I didn’t put on even more weight. I mean, I’m at home a lot more now that I’m not working, and with my tendencies to overeat I’d expected I might balloon back up. I’m glad that hasn’t happened, but even one pound up is one pound too many. So I have a specific goal for next week. That goal is 235. I’ll bust my fat ass to get to it! Wish me luck, as always. 🙂