Justice, of a Sort

Back in 1993, three young boys were found dead in Arkansas. Three teenagers were eventually arrested and charged with the murder of the boys. The prosecution convinced jurors that the younger boys had been murdered by the older ones as part of a Satanic ritual, despite the fact that according to the FBI, no one has ever been killed as part of such a thing. The jurors bought the story and found all three guilty. The younger two were sentenced to life and the oldest was sentenced to death.

Fast forward a few years. People are starting to have serious doubts. A documentary about the murders is released which seems to make it very clear that the boys had nothing to do with these murders. People start really paying attention. Some hearings are held, some work is done and, today, all three were released from prison after agreeing to plead guilty to a crime there’s no evidence they committed. At least this happened before one of them was murdered by the state, unlike a certain case in Texas.

This is a sad, horrible case, and in many ways the worst thing about it is that due to the fact the state considers these three guilty, they won’t be looking for the actually killer(s) anymore. So someone who murdered three little boys in horrible fashion will never face justice for what they did, while these three who did nothing other than be different in a place where being different is a bad idea, have spent about half their lives in prison.

But at least now they are free, and hopefully they shall one day be fully exonerated.