The Worst of Doctor Who


Doctor Who is a great program, but not without its failings! Here they are in all their glory, and for those of you who want to check out some better episodes, take a look at my guide to the essential stories!

The Fifth Doctor

“Black Orchid” – The Fifth Doctor and company go to Edwardian England and do… well, not a lot, really.

The Eighth Doctor

The Doctor Who movie – The Seventh Doctor dies pointlessly and then the Eighth Doctor faces the unmitigated evil of… ERIC ROBERTS!

The Ninth Doctor

Aliens of London” – Rose and the Doctor try to thwart an invasion by aliens that fart a lot. No joke here. Just a sad, sad thing.

World War Three” – Part two of our saga!

The Tenth Doctor

“Love and Monsters” – Elton, Ursula and friends try to track down a strange alien visitor… guest starting the Tenth Doctor!

Multi-Doctor Stories

“The Two Doctors” – When the Second Doctor meets the Sixth Doctor, you know it’s gotta be great! Er… unless it’s not.


21 Responses to “The Worst of Doctor Who

  1. 1minionsopinion Says:

    I’m working my way through some of the older ones finally. My library is buying them so I don’t have to.

    For some bizarre reason I never thought it’d be a show I’d like. What a dummy I was. It’s totally the kind of show I like! David Tennant will always be my Doctor but I like what I’ve seen of Troughton, Tom Baker, and McCoy, too. I can’t say I’ve cared for many of the earlier companions, though.

  2. bmj2k Says:

    Where is The Space Pirates? Four worse episodes you could not imagine slogging through. Thank God the brilliant War Games followed it.

    • Chris Says:

      I’ve not seen The Space Pirates. That’s one of the incomplete ones, right?

      For the record, my next one will be The Five Doctors, which isn’t truly all that awful, but overflows with lots of stupid silliness.

  3. Michael Amann Says:

    I don’t like the new series as much as the old. There is too much talking, running around London and meeting people. I’ve always liked Dr. Who for the really weird xenomorphic aliens and strange places. Episodes like The Claws of Axos, Frontios and Warriors of the Deep are the classic templates I enjoy. I hate for example the episode where Tennant fights the Daleks and they change people into “pigs.” Pigs? C’mon, I’ve seen pigs. Pigs are stupid, they are not imaginative. What happened to this show? I enjoyed The Doctor’s Wife and also Hungry Earth.

    • Chris Says:

      Yes, the two-part “Daleks in New York” thing was kind of meh. At least it wasn’t nearly as annoyingly stupid as some of the others. Just wait until you see what I’m doing to “Voyage of the Dammed”. 😉

      • Michael Amann Says:

        I’m glad you guys mentioned the Dr. Who audio episodes, especially if you’re a big fan of the old stuff. Is Big Finish a good place to get them? And I wasn’t aware of any Dr. Who conventions. The Dr. Who panel was useful and informative.

        • Chris Says:

          Big Finish is pretty much the only place to get the audios! I’ll see if I can have Rob, the long-haired hot guy on the panel, provide some suggested titles.

        • Rob Says:

          Indeed! You can really pick up the audios from any point. Just choose your favorite Doctor/companion set. 7th and Ace? 5th and Nyssa (They even go back to Traken once!)? Or start with the 8th Doctor and a BRAND NEW companion (Storm Warning is that title.) Here is a comprehensive list…

          Check out the “Monthy Releases” for the main run but be sure to check out the other stuff, too. UNIT, Gallifrey, Dalek Empire, Bernice Summerfield…

          • Chris Says:

            No mention of the 6th Doctor and Peri? Oh, Rob. 😛 How could you skip the return of Sil?!

          • Michael Amann Says:

            Peri was so cute. I liked her. My favorite companion is probably Romanna, both the original and transformed. And oh Chris, I liked Adric as well, he was cool. Into math.

          • Rob Says:

            Well *I* am partial to 7th/Ace and I really loved the new character Hex. So my first suggestion? “The Harvest” and keep going from there with the 7th Doctor. Peri Peri Peri… how could I forget her? No, really… how can I? (I’m kidding! Love Peri!)

          • Chris Says:

            Yes, “The Harvest” is an excellent choice. Download it here: – Part one is only 99 cents, so if you don’t like it, you don’t lose much.

  4. dirkyboy098 Says:

    I grew up watching baker as doctor and I must admit, I haven’t seen any of the new shows. In fact, haven’t seen an episode in years. BUT.. Your blog posting has brought back the thought of mabey hitting up Vuze for some episodes..

  5. Flynn Sullivan Says:

    Did you decide to abandon these reviews?
    I really loved reading them, although I didn’t always agree with your opinion(there are no bad 9th Doctor stories!). I hope you finish them. There’s nothing more fun than seeing someone bash bad stories.

    • Chris Says:

      No, I’ve just been sooooooo lazy. It was much easier before when I didn’t have as much going on in my life. On the other hand, “Kill the Moon” happened, so, believe me, I will be returning to this sooner rather than later.

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